Authored by:

Chad Lorenc

US-West Security Practice Manager Amazon Web Services

Mike LaRue

Sr. Consultant, Security Amazon Web Services

Tally Shae

Product Marketing Sonrai Security

This guide is inspired by the session, “Accelerating Identity Security Maturity in the Cloud,” delivered by Chad Lorenc, at the ACCESS: Identity, Access, and Permissions Summit 2023. You can find the original presentation on-demand here.

You must be ready to kick off your cloud identity security journey. Whether you’re asking yourself where to start, wanting to assess your identity security baseline, or looking to scale your maturity, you’re in the right place.

Below, we’ll cover the four phases of maturing a cloud identity security program, walking through what to consider at each phase, guiding security principles, and tips to ensure your identity program is business-objective focused.

Remember, cloud security is a journey, not a destination, but here’s a roadmap to get you started in the right direction.