Continuous Compliance

Make audits a breeze. Know your performance against every cloud compliance standard at any given moment.

Cloud Compliance:
Where, When, How?

Cloud changed the nature of compliance. The checklists are no more. And simple questions, like “where should this standard be enforced?,” have complex answers. Dynamic infrastructure means movement of data – which requires consistent discovery of all assets to determine what to enforce where. Yet activity monitoring unlocks the ability to set baselines and detect drift at a granular level. So, even though the cloud presents new challenges, the possibility for clean, accurate, and automated tracking is greater than ever.

Sonrai’s Continuous
Compliance and Audits

Sonrai helps enterprises ace audits and continuously monitor performance against every standard, both custom frameworks defined by your team or external regulatory frameworks. Set a baseline and detect drift with a rich library of 1000+ controls organized to major standards and best practices with fine control. Discovery of sensitive and tagged data in over 150+ cloud services means knowing exactly where to enforce what – so your GDPR standards get applied to environments with European data, and your HITRUST policies enforce where there’s PHI. See every action in the cloud to detect when you’ve drifted outside the band.

Automate Audit Work

Dread compliance auditing? With Sonrai, reports are regularly updated to reflect historical performance against baseline. Enforcement is assisted by remediation and prevention bots. And since there’s continuous log monitoring instead of interval scanning, you know you’ve got the entire history of changes in your cloud in your hand.

The Sonrai Security Difference

Monitor, Automate & Fix Compliance Risk before Audit

Cloud Access Intelligence
Anomaly Detection
Automated Enforcement
Cloud Access Intelligence

Answer every compliance question. Respond to every audit finding.

Think it’s impossible to understand everything that can access data in your cloud? It’s not – just ask. Through comprehensive cloud search analytics, you can quickly validate policies, investigate incidents and address audit requests and findings. With more than 1,000 policies mapped to every major compliance framework including NIST, CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, GDPR, HITRUST and CSA STAR, you can keep your compliance projects current.

Anomaly Detection

Take the suspicion out of your cloud security.

No more bad behavior inside your cloud. Once identities, permissions and access are locked-down, you can monitor high-value resources to detect any unusual access or changes in configurations and permissions that could indicate malicious activity inside your cloud.

Automated Enforcement

Bots ensure compliance while you sleep.

Extend your team with automation and let remediation bots fix risks that threaten compliance in data, identity, platform, or workload security. Ensure newly provisioned workloads don’t threaten your baseline with prevention bots that block code promotion if tagging is missing or other must-haves to keep your compliance baseline intact.


“Before Sonrai we’d spend two weeks prepping for a regulator audit, and then still have some holes. Now?
We gather the reports and can answer every question in the room – it just gets done.”

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Director, Cloud Operations

Health Tech Company

Security for Your Entire Public Cloud

CIEM icon


Unified security for identities, data, workloads and cloud configurations powered by the Sonrai Identity Graph.

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CSPM icon


Map every permission combination for every identity – human or machine – and enforce least privilege. Hunt and lock down risky privilege escalations, toxic combinations, confused deputies, and any other threat to sensitive assets.

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Continuously monitor activity logs, cloud assets, and configuration to stay ahead of cloud risks in real time.  Detect when cloud posture is drifting and send alerts to the right team for immediate action.

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Data Access

Discover, monitor and secure critical data. Know who can access your critical assets and secure them. Monitor key vaults and databases to alert on changes and inform least access policies.

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Prioritize vulnerabilities with agentless scanning combined with real risk context based on privileges, access to sensitive data, or external exposure.  Save time and minimize risk with quarantining risky hosts with bots.

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Monitor cloud resources, access and actions to detect threats.  Prioritize, investigate and respond quickly with context-aware alerts based on business risk.

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See the Sonrai Solution in Action

Watch a demo to see how Sonrai Security can secure identities and entitlements across your entire public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, GCP and OCI.