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As the cloud gets built in more innovative ways, compliance becomes more of a challenge.

A dynamic and ephemeral infrastructure means intervaled scans miss large chunks of the cloud footprint. Getting an accurate picture of the full cloud inventory is hard enough; checking that activity is compliant with multiple frameworks can randomize security teams for long stretches.

A comprehensive cloud inventory, prebuilt and customizable frameworks, and easy reporting is necessary to pass audits and ensure there are no gaps in compliance state.

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Watch your whole cloud footprint continuously

To keep it compliant you must be able to see it – and that’s Sonrai’s first mandate. See everything in your cloud inventory and enrich your cloud state with continuous monitoring of activity logs. Don’t miss a short-lived serverless function that has cross-account access just because it was between scans. Connect the dots between activity and inventory with a unified view of every resource and its relation to every applicable compliance framework.

Apply prebuilt policies dynamically

Enterprise clouds need smart compliance – meaning, security policies that correlate to compliance frameworks have to be A) applied in the right place and B) applied automatically. Sonrai has prebuilt frameworks for all major compliance standards that can apply automatically to different parts of your cloud. A US based environment with no European data in it? The GDPR framework should skip that one. Sonrai detected credit card data in a data store? PCI DSS needs to be enforced. The cloud team knows that an audit will find full appropriate coverage of the right policies, without frustrating development with unnecessary regulation.

Maintain compliance with bot-assisted enforcement & easy historical reporting

Compliance drift happens – and there’s never a big enough team to chase down all the issues. Configure Sonrai’s prebuilt (and custom) bots to identify when critical data configuration or identities’ actions out of compliance scope, or prevent the actions altogether.

As you continually get better at enforcement, you’ll need to communicate progress and show off your success. Security people should be in the business of defending the cloud, not chasing data to satisfy compliance reports. Sonrai shifts the team back to high-value tasks as customizable compliance reporting shows what environments and teams are compliant with what frameworks, and their performance over time.

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