Slash the Permissions Attack Surface

Sweeping least privilege that eliminates over-permissioned identities and protects unused services, identities, and cloud regions.

Slash Permission Attack Surface

Remove Unnecessary Risk in Your Cloud

What do over-permissioned machine identities, dormant identities and unused cloud services and regions all have in common? They mean permissions and access that take up space, serve no purpose, and translate into an increased attack surface.

The Cloud Permissions Firewall provides a seamless way to wipe away that unnecessary risk, without breaking anything or disrupting your DevOps team flow. Restrict sensitive permissions, quarantine dormant identities, and disable unused services and regions with the click of a button.

Remove Unnecessary Risk
Secure without DevOps

Secure Without DevOps Friction

Security, Cloud Operations, and DevOps teams are juggling collaboration with their own unique initiatives – it’s a recipe for friction.

The Cloud Permissions Firewall provides a solution every team is on board with. Security gets the least privilege protection, operations gets the automated policy management and scalability, and developers get to develop without concern or uncalled-for denied access. Who says good security has to come with a price?

Report and Audit With Confidence

Rich analytics, intelligence, and dashboards empower you to see the current state of your cloud in real time. How many roles are over-permissioned? How many have been right sized? Is there any data in a region that conflicts with compliance requirements? Are you meeting requirements for least privilege? Get instant answers.

Auditing season is easy with insight into who can do what and tracked permissions-on-demand approvals. The Cloud Permissions Firewall gives you instant action with security and auditing insights on the side.

Report and Audit

Ready to Instantly Reduce Access Risk?

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