Workload protection prioritized with real risk context

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Uncover the true impact & severity of vulnerabilities

Vulnerability criticality requires a continuous picture of platform, identity, and data information about the host.

Address the root of your cloud vulnerabilities

Recognizing which vulnerabilities are the most dangerous to your business means understanding threats unique to the host. A vulnerability is a crack in the perimeter, but revealing the path to sensitive data comes from platform, identity, and data risks. To reveal this, Sonrai Risk Amplifiers automatically highlight vulnerabilities with high privileges, access to sensitive data, or external exposure.

Why Sonrai

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Risk amplifier approach to cloud vulnerability

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Agentless design maximizes resources

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Enrich the scanner data you already have

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Prioritize what needs to get fixed now

Sonrai’s Risk Amplifiers and patented identity graph show the hidden “blast radius” of each vulnerability so you can understand how severe a vulnerability truly is and make the next right step to secure your cloud.

With Sonrai, you’ll quickly be able to answer:

  • What would an exploit of a vulnerability mean for my business?
  • Does the host contain sensitive data?
  • What network connections, data configurations, or exposed identities could enable lateral movement to other hosts with more attractive assets?

True context can’t be limited to only exploit availability and whether a workload is running or not. Those factors alone just won’t tell you anything about the potential for sensitive data exposure.

With Sonrai’s risk amplifiers, you know exactly what vulnerability needs patching today to keep your enterprise and data protected.

Agentless Vulnerability Scanning

Powered with a comprehensive vision of cloud inventory, Sonrai’s agentless scanner detects host vulnerabilities in your cloud and applies context to show you what’s important.

  • Get a clear picture of what every host is connected to, and what can (or has) accessed it
  • Spend less time on hardening, configuration, network firewalling, and micro-segmentation
  • Check off Kubernetes CIS benchmarks
  • Automatically quarantine risky hosts with bots
  • Lockdown the vulnerabilities that matter most

Bring your own scanner. And enrich it.

In addition to our own agentless scanning, Sonrai’s open platform ingests vulnerability data from third-party scanning tools to add risk context and increase the ROI from your other security investments.

Sonrai lets you seamlessly fill in the gaps across your other detection tools with data about host and environment, so response decisions are always based on prioritized risk, not just CVSS scores.

CWPP Workload Features

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Severity algorithm via

Risk amplifiers

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Complete host discovery

via workload snapshot

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Agentless scanning

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Scanner integrations

Richard Delisser, Senior Vice President, Land Technology, Cloud & Infrastructure, World Fuel Services

“Security is absolutely foundational for any large-scale migration to the public cloud. Sonrai Security and the Sonrai Dig platform is central to the World Fuel Services cloud security operating model. The elimination of identity and data risks, automation, and continuous monitoring has transformed our cloud security operations, and helped accelerate our cloud migration.”

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