Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

Accelerate vulnerability management with agentless scanning and context-aware prioritization.

Why You Need CWPP

With dev teams working at unprecedented speeds, workloads are proliferating in your cloud – and so are vulnerabilities.  Malicious actors commonly use these vulnerabilities to gain access to your cloud environment and initiate a breach.  You need continuous monitoring and ruthless prioritization to keep up with this dynamic environment and empower teams to work quickly while minimizing risk.

The Sonrai for CWPP Solution

The Sonrai CWPP solution is a critical component of an identity-centric cloud security program, empowering security teams to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that are most dangerous to your organization. Focus on what’s most critical with a combination of cross-cloud, agentless scanning and unique multi-factor prioritization. Take the next step and remediate using one-click bots to quarantine affected workloads or tickets integrated into existing workflows. With the Sonrai CWPP solution, you have the business justification you need to collaborate cross-team and fix what matters most.

Context is King for Prioritization

Uncovering the true impact and severity of vulnerabilities requires a continuous picture of platform, identity and data information about the host. Unlike other solutions, Sonrai deploys risk amplifiers that go beyond the sensitivity of data and consider platform misconfigurations and the access to identities and entitlements that a compromised workload could permit. This analysis results in an understanding of the blast radius, which is a true picture of the impact of an exploited vulnerability, allowing you to prioritize vulnerabilities and deprioritize some remediation.

Bring Your Own Scanner

In addition to built-in agentless scanning technology, Sonrai’s open API platform ingests vulnerability data from third-party scanning tools. This integration allows you to leverage the rich context from the risk amplifiers combined with your scan data to add risk context and increase the ROI from your existing security investments.

Investigate Vulnerabilities with Sonrai

The Sonrai Security Difference

Risk-context prioritization to maximize risk reduction

Prioritized Actions
Toxic Permissions Analyzer
Integrations with Scanners
Prioritized Actions

Prioritization Tailored to Your Business

Prioritize vulnerabilities across cloud environments  and fix what represents real risk to your organization. The Sonrai solution laser-focuses on the vulnerabilities that provide a pathway to sensitive data or highly-privileged identities. Remediation options empower teams to act quickly with automated quarantining and workflow options.

CWPP Top Insights
Toxic Permissions Analyzer

Align Vulnerability Management to Business Risk

Deep understanding of identity chains and attack paths uncovers risks associated with vulnerabilities on workloads. Once identity risks are understood, you can remediate the associated workload vulnerabilities and stop attackers from advancing.

Integrations with Scanners

Best of Everything with Agentless and Third-Party Scanning

Tailored to your preferences, the ability to integrate with existing scanners provides the flexibility to use existing tools combined with rich context from Sonrai. Combine agentless and third-party scanning to achieve full visibility and context for a comprehensive program.


“I’ve been doing vulnerability management forever. This is the first time my team isn’t just working through a pile of CVEs with scores of 8, 9, and 10, but actually reprioritizing what can take down our cloud.”

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Director of Security

Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Security for Your Entire Enterprise Cloud

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Datasheet: Contextualized Workload Protection and Vulnerability Management

What is CWPP?

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