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  • Restrict Sensitive Permissions
  • Disable Unused Services
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  • $99/Month
  • Monthly or Annual* Billing

    *Discount Available for Annual Billing

  • 10-50


  • $125/Month
  • Annual Billing
  • Up to 100

  • Custom
  • Annual Billing
  • Unlimited

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial? How does it work?
We do have a free 14 day guided trial. The trial is guided, meaning we’ll be here to help with onboarding and anything else you may need during your trial experience.
Can I sign up without my business email?
Currently, our free trial is not intended for personal use. Because we use the domain to validate and build your tenant, a business email is required to register for the solution.
Do I have to onboard every account, subscription, and project?
We require you to onboard at the org (AWS/GCP) or Root (Azure) level, which inherently will onboard every account, subscription, or project. It’s worth noting, we only need read-only access to your cloud, and you can choose where to deploy controls - it does not need to be across your entire cloud.
What if I have fewer than 10 accounts, subscriptions, and projects?
If you have less than 10 accounts, subscriptions, and projects, you’re still welcome to use the Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall, but the minimum payment starts at 10 accounts.
What level of permissions does the Cloud Permissions Firewall need for my cloud?
The Cloud Permissions Firewall requires access at the top level of your cloud in a read-only role.
What payment options do I have?
For our starter plan, you have the option of paying monthly or annually. For our enterprise and custom plans, we offer annual billing.
How does Sonrai handle it’s internal security?
Sonrai is a SOC2 Type-2 compliant organization with rigorous internal security controls, training, and monitoring. We live cloud security every day. Regulatory demands on Sonrai’s security standards are high, as a plurality of the top 10 banks in the US and Canada use Sonrai to secure their cloud, as well as Fortune 100 customers from several other highly regulated industries.
What data do you store? Do you install agents in my cloud?
Sonrai doesn’t possess any of your data or install any agents in your cloud. We gather metadata from the role you provide.

Trusted by Cloud Teams

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have said.

Software – Cloud Manager

“We always knew Least Privilege was the gold standard, but it was too monstrous of a project ahead of us. Global deny with one click and automated exceptions made it all possible.”

Transportation – DevOps Engineer

“We couldn’t sustain manually building policies as we scaled. We now have time back we didn’t know we could get.”

FinTech – Head of Cloud Security

“Simply cutting out unused permissions had this trickle down effect that resulted in other lateral movement and access risks magically disappearing.”

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