Cloud Detection
& Response (CDR)

Analyze cloud data to quickly detect hidden malicious activity in your cloud and mitigate threats.

Why You Need Cloud Detection & Response

Reducing risk in your cloud and protecting high-value assets from compromise is the foundation of every cloud security strategy.  But with the dynamic nature of clouds and the persistent nature of threats, you must assume that attackers are going to get in. Once that happens, monitoring and detecting threats is the best course of action to mitigate damage to your business.

The Sonrai for CDR Solution

The Sonrai CDR solution aggregates your entire cloud footprint including all privilege, access, workload and configuration activity and analyzes it to detect new risks or threat activity.  Continuous monitoring of audit logs surfaces any unusual access history or changes to cloud entitlements. Findings posing the greatest risk are then prioritized to keep your teams focused on preventing business disruption.

It is the unique capability of tying identity entitlements to sensitive resources that empowers security teams to quickly find the root cause of unusual activity and respond effectively.


Detecting incidents requires vigilance and understanding of early indicators. Sonrai gets your cloud to a secure baseline and monitors for deviations indicating malicious activity, including unusual access to critical assets, changes to access and permissions, unusual behavior of critical identities and configuration changes.  Findings are then prioritized based on business risk, allowing you to remediate top risks before an attacker has the chance to exploit them.


Sonrai can interpret 40,000+ unique actions (e.g. read, write, delete) across all major clouds so you can understand how complex permissions are causing risk in your cloud. Understanding identity effective permissions and access history offers a comprehensive view of incidents.  Teams can also use historical data to understand the extent of an incident – data exposure, multiple access activities and connection to other activities. This investigation helps inform the context we use to prioritize the alerts that pose the greatest risk to your business. No more chasing deadends first.


Take action on alerts from Sonrai with a range of remediation options – automated bots or prescriptive instructions and execute in a customized workflow able to integrate with existing security tools like ticketing systems, communication tools and SIEMs.  These options enable collaboration across teams as well as comprehensive tracking and reporting for audits.

Detect and Respond to Data Access with Sonrai

The Sonrai Security Difference

Context-Aware Detection and Remediation

Anomaly Detection
Toxic Permissions Analyzer
Prioritized Actions
Cloud Access Intelligence
Anomaly Detection

Detect New Events and Malicious Activity

Reach a secure baseline for identity behavior, infrastructure controls and data access, and detect deviations suggesting risk. Monitor high-value resources to detect any unusual access or changes in configurations and permissions to reveal attacker activity or prevent it before it could even start.

Toxic Permissions Analyzer

Reveal Identities, Their Permissions and Connections to Data

Map the effective permissions of every identity – machine or human – no matter how many degrees of separation away permission inheritance is. With this deep understanding of your unique cloud, specific unusual activity and access is quickly surfaced.

Prioritized Actions

Escalate Findings Related to Business Critical Assets

Identify and secure your most valuable resources in your organization’s cloud environment. Events tied back to the most valuable resources will be automatically prioritized so your team never chases a deadend. Integrations with your organization’s existing ticketing and SIEM solutions streamline workflows.

Cloud Access Intelligence

Instant Intelligence for Every Event

It’s now possible to instantly research everything related to an event in your cloud – from related identities, assets and permissions including historical activity.  Through comprehensive cloud search analytics, you can quickly validate events, understand context and determine next steps.


“Since automation unlocks an anomaly-centric alert model, there are far fewer controls than an average large financial enterprise – meaning less alerts, less false positives, and more time on threat investigation.”

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