Cloud Security, Operationalized

Enterprise-ready operations, from remediation to reporting

Your cloud is growing.

Your infrastructure is getting more dynamic and complex. So are your risks.

Mapping and understanding risks is meaningless if you can’t fix them today or resolve new issues that inevitably will emerge over time as your cloud grows. Sonrai’s sustainable, scalable cloud security approach avoids alert buildup and provides cloud teams with a holistic, automated way to manage their cloud security posture in real-time.

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Organize your cloud for better prioritization and reporting.

Structure your cloud to reflect how your business actually works.

Sonrai lets you organize your teams around your unique cloud environments and the sensitivity of those environments so you can secure your cloud at scale.

  • Route alerts to the people working in or managing the environment, so remediation is handled by people best equipped to understand the alert.
  • Automatically apply policies to each environment and workload to match the risk tolerance.
  • Avoid placing restrictive policies on noncritical development environments, or missing needed controls for sensitive data.

Foster collaboration and accountability

Regain control of your cloud and organize it by teams

With Sonrai, security teams can get off the island and stop fighting a mountain of tickets, and DevOps and cloud teams can effectively address security alongside development work without slowing down the pipeline.

Sonrai enables enterprise alignment and cross-team buy-in:

  • Configure ownership of each environment.
  • Group workloads together to form swimlanes and customize alerts and workflows for each one.
  • Set escalations to alert a team leader when issues have not been addressed in a timely fashion, or have them receive only the most critical alerts.

Sonrai enables enterprises to truly shift left in a way that respects the time and focus of dev teams.

Set maturity goals for each environment and track progress

Track security progress and get buy-in from cloud stakeholders

Sonrai provides robust reporting, goaling, and trending in terms that non-security people understand. Instead of just reporting on the “number of tickets closed,” security progress can be tracked against compliance to frameworks and strengths in best practice areas.

Security maturity goal for each environment

Sonrai helps you right-size the policies you apply to an environment and set realistic, incremental goals for each team to hit. Track improvement over time, provide teams with meaningful KPIs, and show progress to executives and other stakeholders in a digestible way.

A library of custom remediation options

Cloud development is ever-changing and continually creates new risks. Get out from under the hopelessly-huge pile of alerts and sustainably fix any issues in real-time.

With Sonrai, you have a security team force multiplier built for the enterprise and with and advanced workflow capabilities.

  • Configurable escalations 
  • Integrations to other incident management or ticketing systems
  • Built-in and custom remediation bots to eliminate routine issues

Workflow and Automation Features

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Automatic cloud organization by team & importance

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Advanced workflow engine

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Prebuilt & custom Remediation & prevention bots

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Maturity goal-setting and trend reporting

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Executive & compliance reporting

Cloud Security Architect, Worldwide Market Leader, Analytics Software Platform

“Sonrai is the cornerstone of our public cloud security. It delivers complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across AWS and Azure.”

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Automate and operationalize your workflows

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