Securing Cloud Access and Permissions Made Possible

We believe gaining control of access in your cloud is possible. By focusing on the most critical permissions and automating policy management, you can achieve security at scale. Controlling cloud access is complicated, time-consuming, and easy to cause friction with DevOps. So we built a solution to fix that.

  • No Friction

    Everything being used is allowed.


    Global policies written for you.


    Less monitoring and more action.


    Attack paths to data are broken.

An innovative approach to controlling permissions and protecting business assets

With native or first-generation identity tools, you may not see everything with access and how permissions are being used – but we can. And we use that intelligence to take sweeping action across your estate and restrict access to the most sensitive (read: potentially damaging) permissions.

Further analysis reveals residual toxic combinations of permissions and policies and remediation options break down attack paths you can’t see.

The result? You save time managing permissions, but feel confident that unintended access isn’t rampant in your cloud.

Calculate Your ROI with the Cloud Permissions Firewall

Input your cloud details to see how much time and money the Cloud Permissions Firewall would save you to reach least privilege.

Our customers love us because we take action to solve tough problems

Sonrai allows us to track where every identity may be overused or over-exercised within our environment, and that allows us to develop from the beginning a secure environment

Shawn Bowen
VP & Chief Information Security Officer
World Kinect Services

Sonrai is one of the leaders in this space, both from a product maturity perspective, and the thought leadership.

Source: Gartner Peer Reviews

Sonrai Security provides us with complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across our largest AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure The platform has become the cornerstone of our cloud risk management and security program.

Kyle Watson
Security Architect
Moody’s RMS

The Sonrai Security Difference

We get it. You have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a cloud security vendor. At Sonrai, we’re applying our expertise in cloud permissions and access to fix the mess in your cloud. We don’t tell you what’s wrong and how to prioritize, or make recommendations. Instead, we focus on FIXING what’s broken so you don’t have to.

Patented Permissions Analytics

Ongoing analysis of over 42,000 cloud permissions to categorize and risk rank. Patented intelligence prioritizes actions and identifies toxic combinations – maximizing risk reduction with minimal effort.

Automated Policy Management

Cloud expertise extends to policy strategy, deployment and management. We decipher the complexity of policies across your cloud to design, implement and update the policies that are optimized for your unique cloud.

Unrivaled Scalability

Whether you are just starting out in the cloud or have an expansive multi-cloud environment, the Sonrai solution scales to secure your identities, data, and infrastructure no matter how much you have.

Start controlling access and permissions in your cloud today