Better Cloud Security Starts from the Inside.

Your critical data, applications and infrastructure need protection. We built our technology with this in mind.

Why Sonrai?

You may not know where to find all of your critical information in the cloud like PII, customer data, financials, critical applications and more. But attackers know how to find these assets. And they will log into your cloud using a person or machine identity to access, steal and exploit them through over-privileged identities, toxic combinations of permissions and lateral movement.

You need a solution built to stop attackers once they are inside your cloud. You need Sonrai Security.

The Attack Chain
Redefined for the Cloud

At Sonrai Security, we prevent successful attacks in your cloud by securing identities, eliminating toxic combinations and shutting down every attack path. The old security kill chain – focused on an outside-in approach – simply doesn’t work in the cloud. We believe that an inside-out approach, starting with identifying the high-value assets in your cloud and securing access to them, is the most powerful way to protect your cloud environment, stop attackers and protect what matters most to your business.

By focusing on the inside, your teams are always remediating risks that have the highest potential impact. We can help you stop wasting time on risks without context.

The Inside-Out Approach

  • arrowProtect critical assets
  • arrow Enforce Least Privilege
  • arrow Detect threats
  • arrow Prioritize vulnerabilities

“The elimination of identity and data risks, automation, and continuous monitoring has transformed our cloud security operations, and helped accelerate our cloud migration.”

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Senior Vice President
Land Technology, Cloud, & Infrastructure World Fuel Services

“The Sonrai platform has become the cornerstone of our public cloud risk management and security program.”

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Security Architect
RMS, Fortune 100 Insurance Company

The Sonrai Security Difference

Traditional cloud security tools, like first-gen CSPM’s, focus on vulnerabilities and the infrastructure. At Sonrai Security, our solution is focused on securing identities and shutting down attack paths to critical data and applications. Unlike other solutions, we deliver risk-based prioritization and remediation inside your cloud.

Toxic Permissions Analyzer
Prioritized Actions
Cloud Access Intelligence
Anomaly Detection
Toxic Permissions Analyzer

Decode Effective Permissions. Break the attack chain.

Cloud security requires a deep understanding of access and permissions. We look beyond basic identity policies to reveal every attack path by decoding how complex policy layer interacts to grant Effective Permissions.

Prioritized Actions

Maximize risk reduction with minimal resources

Stop battling alert fatigue. At Sonrai, we help identify – and put stronger security policies on – the data and applications in your cloud that matter the most. We surface the critical risks that are directly related to your high-value assets. Then, we recommend actions, from one-click remediation to automated policies and suggested configuration changes.

Cloud Access Intelligence

Ask Your Cloud Anything

Think it’s impossible to understand everything that can access data in your cloud? It’s not – just ask. Through our comprehensive cloud search analytics, we can quickly validate policies, investigate incidents and address audit requests and findings.

Anomaly Detection

Take the suspicion out of your cloud security.

No more bad behavior inside your cloud. Once identities, permissions and access are locked-down, we monitor your high-value resources to detect any unusual access or changes in configurations and permissions that could indicate malicious activity inside your cloud.


Reveal your cloud blind spots with Sonrai

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