Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Break the toxic permission chains creating pathways to your data.

Why You Need CIEM

CSPM and vulnerability management help prevent entryway into your environment, but security can’t stop there. Organizations need a defense-in-depth approach, one where you plan for when an attacker does get in.

Today, attackers are doing recon and looking for paths to your sensitive data and applications. But how are they moving laterally through your cloud? By exploiting overprivileged identities. Identity and cloud entitlements are the stepping stones creating paths to breach.

The Sonrai for CIEM Solution

At Sonrai Security, we take a data-centric approach to security that establishes your most sensitive assets, and work outwards to determine every identity that has access.

The old security kill chain was focused on securing network perimeters and blocking intrusion, but the cloud doesn’t work this way. Identity is the new perimeter. We believe that securing identities and their entitlements is the most efficient way to protect your cloud. Eliminate lateral movement, shut down attack paths, and secure what is most critical to your business.

Patented Identity Analytics

Sonrai is built on patented analytics and graphing technology that reveals every possible relationship between identities, their entitlements and the data they can access.

Privilege and access is not always directly granted. Most privilege in the cloud is covert and inherited several degrees of separation away. Identities acquire unintended permissions via toxic combinations, trust relationships, group policies, and privilege escalation capabilities. Just because your identities are at ‘least privilege’ doesn’t mean they don’t hold dangerous access rights. Sonrai highlights which permissions pose the greatest risk to your business.

Least Privilege & Effective Permissions

Let’s start by getting you to Least Privilege. But Least Privilege is only half the story. Least Privilege only considers Excessive Permissions – the permissions granted to identities that have proven unnecessary over an audit period. It’s like driving and only looking in a rearview mirror. Next is revealing Effective Permissions – the true extent of every possible action an identity can take.

Consider it like seeing into the future. Reveal dangerous permission-chains creating attack paths with our Toxic Permission Analyzer so you can secure your identities beyond just Least Privilege.

The Sonrai Security Difference

Risk-based prioritization and remediation inside your cloud.

Toxic Permissions Analyzer
Prioritized Actions
Cloud Access Intelligence
Anomaly Detection
Toxic Permissions Analyzer

Breakdown Attack Paths.

Map the effective permissions of every identity no matter how many degrees of separation away permission inheritance is. Now you can break down the toxic permission chains creating paths to your sensitive data and cloud-native applications. Every unique cloud action is decoded from policies and wildcard permissions, and classified into action categories.

Prioritized Actions

Fix What Matters Most, First.

Identify and secure your most valuable resources in your organization’s cloud environment. Risks tied back to the most valuable resources will be automatically prioritized so your team never chases a deadend. Integrations with your organization’s existing ticketing and SIEM solutions streamline workflows.

Cloud Access Intelligence

Instant Intelligence for Every Audit

It’s now possible to instantly know everything that can access sensitive assets in your cloud. Through comprehensive cloud search analytics, you can quickly validate policies, investigate incidents and address audit requests with assurance. Use more than 1,000 policies mapped to every major compliance framework like NIST, CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR, HITRUST and more, to meet compliance with ease.

Anomaly Detection

Detect New Risk & Attacker Activity

Reach a secure baseline for identity behavior, infrastructure controls and data access, and detect deviations suggesting risk. Monitor high-value resources to detect any unusual access or changes in configurations and permissions to reveal attacker activity or prevent it before it could even start.


“With Sonrai we verify all identity and data controls are in place and working. We can demonstrate that our risk in the cloud is equivalent or less than our on-premise data centers.”

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MITRE® ATT&CK for Cloud Report

Approximately 10% of the identities in your cloud have full admin permissions – enough permission to ‘delete’ your cloud.

Gartner CIEM Vendor

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What is CIEM and Why it Should Be Your Cloud Priority

CIEM refers to next-generation cloud security technology that manages identity and access in the public cloud.