See every identity’s access

Reveal every path to your data. Lock down every over-privileged identity.

Identity is the cloud’s perimeter, and it’s complex.

Secure your cloud with Sonrai and gain a single source of truth for every identity’s permissions and all possible access to sensitive data.

Reveal every identity right and always know what’s changed

Sonrai’s log inspection and API monitoring provide a full inventory of identities and record of all recent activity. Immediately identify excessive or unused permissions and detect anomalies before they turn into critical risks.

Understand lateral movement risk – no matter how complex.

Identities, often representing services and non-human users, can inherit a series of roles, group memberships, and permission sets and chain them together to bridge a path to sensitive data. Sonrai provides a true, full view of identity access that understands and accounts for potential access via cloud-specific rights like privilege escalation, improper separation of duties, or abuse of the “confused deputy problem.”

An identity can use multiple different capabilities to create a path to data or change its initial privileges. Assuming a role, they can use the role’s privilege escalation capabilities to access a new right to change privileges, and then from there change the permissions of their original group.

While cloud or IAM providers show discrete permissions, and even certain excessive permissions, Sonrai monitors and reveals effective permissions, which account for multiple complex lateral movements.

Without Sonrai, these complex paths remain hidden and represent enormous enterprise risk.

Maintain least privilege in the right places.

Comprehensive permissions intel unlocks the ability to enforce least privilege strategically and with precision. Stringent policies to protect sensitive data are applied only where they’re needed, without overwhelming the security team or stifling development innovation.

The context provided by Sonrai shows exactly where policies should be enforced, with total context of any sensitive data, network connections, and other configurations.

Additionally, Sonrai organizes your cloud into swimlanes with target security maturity levels and applied business context.

So you know the most restrictive access policies are only applied to the places that contain sensitive data.

CIEM Features

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Full identity & permissions inventory

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Continuous activity log monitoring

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Effective permissions engine

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Least privilege enforcement

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“Sonrai is the cornerstone of our public cloud security. It delivers complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across AWS and Azure.”

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Ensure zero trust and least privilege with Sonrai

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