Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Gain visibility, detect cloud drift, and remediate the misconfigurations leaving your network and cloud assets exposed with the Sonrai CSPM solution.

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Why You Need CSPM

Cloud misconfigurations are the leading cause of unintended data exposure. Cloud infrastructure consists of controls and configurations all serving to uphold platform best practices and protect your network, data, and identities. However, the cloud is dynamic and ephemeral, making it all too easy for these configurations to drift out of policy without you ever knowing it. You need a continuous way to detect changes posing risk and keep your cloud compliant with your unique standards.

The Sonrai for CSPM Solution

Continuously monitor your cloud to detect misconfigurations and changes putting your environment at risk. Better yet, take a context-based approach to CSPM with deep insight into identity entitlements and access. You need to know which misconfigurations are the most critical to help your teams prioritize remediation efforts. More clouds means more complexity. Luckily, Sonrai’s CSPM tool is built for multicloud, so you have a centralized view into platform security across all accounts and clouds.

On-Demand Audits & Compliance

Audits and reporting can feel like a fire drill for your teams. Sonrai automates the data gathering and continuous historical reporting needed to prep and pass an audit, without interrupting your normal operations. Customize your frameworks to meet your unique compliance needs, or leverage our built-in policy frameworks for regulations like NIST, GDPR, HITRUST, PCI DSS, and more, and we’ll make sure you stay there.

The Sonrai Security Difference

Actionable insights for context-based security posture

Anomaly Detection
Prioritized Actions
Cloud Access Intelligence
Anomaly Detection

Detect Changes and Cloud Drift

Relying on periodic monitoring, snapshots, and APIs alone does not cut it. Your cloud needs to be locked down 24/7. Sonrai gets your cloud into compliance and meeting all platform best practices, then locks in this secure baseline. Our CSPM solution monitors against this baseline to detect deviations away from it suggesting cloud drift or malicious activity.

Detect Changes and Cloud Drift
Prioritized Actions

Focus on What Matters Most, First

Not every alert is created equal, and when your team is inundated with hundreds of flags, knowing what’s most important is critical. It’s time to stop chasing down alerts that lead to deadends. Sonrai’s insight into overprivileged identities and sensitive data access informs our automatic prioritization of security risks. We’ll flag your most dangerous exposures, first.

Cloud Access Intelligence

Instant Intelligence for Reporting

It’s now possible to instantly research everything related to an event in your cloud – from related identities, assets and permissions including historical activity.  Through comprehensive cloud search analytics, you can quickly validate events, understand context and determine next steps.


“Replacing and consolidating first-generation cloud tools gave us an annual savings of $1 million on tooling.”

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