Continuous Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

An always-on picture of resources & configuration

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Misconfigurations and gaps in platform best practices remain the leading cause of data exposure. Standard static snapshots of cloud security posture often miss ephemeral infrastructure that’s out of compliance between scans every day, without security teams ever even knowing it.

Sonrai provides enterprises with continuous monitoring and smart automation to deploy policies with precision and avoid these issues

A full picture of your inventory and drift from baseline

If it’s in your cloud, Sonrai sees it

Datastores, VMs, identities, databases, key vaults, and more — Sonrai’s best-in-class API inspection and integrations into secret stores provide a comprehensive view of what’s in your cloud, where it is, and who’s accessing it.

Detect drift from frameworks and best practices

With a full inventory view continuously updated, Sonrai lets you know when your cloud posture is drifting from where you want it, using pre-loaded external frameworks or set custom objectives.

Take immediate action on any deviation

Things change quickly in the cloud. Sonrai enables DevOps, DevSecOps, security, and audit teams to ensure that controls are consistently functional and effective at every moment. If any deviations are detected, Sonrai alerts the right team so they can take immediate action to resolve the issue.

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All activity monitored. Every anomaly detected

Always know who accessed what data and when

The point-in-time analysis approach fundamentally misunderstands the nature of modern cloud, which relies on ephemeral compute that disappears between scans and adheres to always-on compliance standards. Sonrai eliminates this problem and provides security teams with a complete, continuous picture of the true status of their security posture that enables enterprises to stay on top of cloud risk in real-time.

Continuously monitor activity logs, cloud assets, and configuration

Sonrai captures and monitors serverless functions that only exist for a few minutes and have their activity tracked and understood, preventing any circumventing of detection that a point-in-time CSPM would miss.

Compliance and best practices, applied with precision

Sonrai provides frameworks to check against external compliance and best practice standards (NIST, GDPR, HITRUST, etc.) and many more prebuilt groups of policies that can selectively apply to environments based on calibrated risk tolerance.

Tailor your security posture management and only apply policies where they’re needed
  • Reduce false positives 
  • Focus on improving security posture
  • Stop chasing down flags on sandbox accounts with no PII

CSPM Features

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800+ prebuilt policies and frameworks

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Full cloud inventory

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Continuous activity monitoring

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Powerful customization engine

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Context-sensitive alerting & workflow

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“Sonrai is the cornerstone of our public cloud security. It delivers complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across AWS and Azure.”

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