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Get the only patented effective permissions engine working for you.

The cloud is a complex structure of interlocking permissions.

Understanding what identities have potential access to what data requires big data analytics that can unearth the paths leading to and exposing sensitive data.

Go beyond excessive permissions to effective permissions.

Identity is the new cloud perimeter and requires an identity-based security approach.

The modern cloud’s dynamic infrastructure presents extreme flexibility and innovation can lead to runaway permissions issues. 

Features like inheritable rights, privilege escalation capabilities, and the complexity of group and policy membership can bury an identity’s true access capabilities in paths hidden to traditional identity management tools.

Sonrai’s effective permissions analytics simulate every attack path an identity could take to access data, regardless of how many degrees of separation, or how short-lived the identity’s access is.

Reveal the whole risk picture and piece it together.

Tackle risk in a centralized place.

Sonrai lets you prioritize risk remediation by its relative threat to sensitive data and see how the same identity, data, platform, and vulnerability risks overlap on datastores and hosts. 

Cloud teams are often fixing issues piecemeal, reviewing risk siloed by “type” into various tools. But the type of risk -— a vulnerability, a platform configuration, an overprivileged identity — doesn’t matter as much as seeing how risks interact and the impact of the threat to the business. This is what the Sonrai Platform was built to do.

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least privilege policies

Least privilege can be daunting, impractical, and can frustrate cloud development. But it’s also critical to securing the cloud. Smart, targeted application and a continuously updated picture of needed privileges are two prerequisites for a successful least privilege practice.

Sonrai identity graph analytics

Sonrai’s deep analytics recalculate your effective permissions regularly, providing an up-to-date picture as needs change and new services and identities become part of your development. What’s more, Sonrai’s security maturity targets and sensitive data intel inform whether or not least privilege needs to be applied to a certain environment, identity, or piece of data.

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“Sonrai is the cornerstone of our public cloud security. It delivers complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across AWS and Azure.”

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