Get to Least Privilege and Stay There

Tough to enforce. Tougher to know when to enforce it. Critical for cloud operations.

Map Everything

The Sonrai identity graph examines all users, roles, trusts, policies, permissions, non-person identities, groups, etc. Patented analytics map out all possible effective permissions, sometimes many relationships deep, effectively simulating possible attack paths.

Map Everything

Monitor All Activity & Privilege Use

Sonrai integrates into activity log services for insight into who’s used what privileges to access what data, including actions inside secret stores and databases. Continuous monitoring means privilege-use intel that is constantly updating for all identities. Unused permissions are flagged for removal.

Know When & Where To Enforce

Least privilege can be too burdensome as a blanket policy, slowing down work in environments where it’s not called for. A sandbox environment with no PII or lateral movement possibilities should not be subject to least privilege – but understanding where to enforce it requires knowledge of all potential cross-account access.

How to get to least privilege

Learn How to Get to Least Privilege

Dive deeper on the principle of least privilege, how does a least privilege policy work, and the importance of getting there.

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Let Us Show You How To Get To Least Privilege

Watch a recorded demo or get a personalized demo to see how Sonrai Security can get you to Least Privilege with confidence across your entire public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, GCP, and OCI.