Least Privilege You Can Actually Achieve

Least privilege is the gold standard for managing identities and reducing risk, but pulling it off at scale is hard. There are 42,000+ possible permissions, so let’s focus on protecting just the most impactful ones.

This least privilege solution strips away unused sensitive permissions and access from every identity not using them – all in one sweeping action.

Know Who Needs What Access

No one wants to slow down innovation or create roadblocks for developers. That’s why Sonrai’s Least Privilege solution continuously analyzes permission usage to give you an accurate snapshot of who needs what.

That ‘who’ goes beyond just humans – know exactly how your machines are working. Now you can confidently take away what’s excess.

Know Who Needs What Access

Lock Down What Isn’t Needed

Once you have a baseline for what employees and roles need to do their job, strip unused permissions and lock down unused cloud services in just one sweeping action. With the click of a button, global deny is implemented across your estate – sustaining the level of protection without breaking anything.

Completely unused identities are quarantined with all access removed, but left untouched for the rainy day you might need them again.

Maintain Least Privilege State

Least Privilege is not a destination, but a journey – here’s a solution that reflects that. As new identities appear in your estate, the established default deny policy applies to them.

When on-demand access is approved, permissions are automatically updated in policies without manual overhead. Permissions that go unused for a chunk of time are automatically suggested for removal. Continuous Least Privilege just became hands-free.

Automated Least Privilege

Manual policy implementation and addressing least privilege identity by identity might work at first, but as your organization grows in accounts, workloads, and roles, you need a program that grows alongside it.

By focusing on securing only the most critical permissions, and doing it in one global action, we’re making least privilege achievable at scale.

Other solutions can mistakenly remove access an identity ends up needing, causing development roadblocks. Because our least privilege is built on permissions-use intelligence, you can feel confident our policy deployment won’t cause delays.

Remove unnecessary permissions without creating more to do for Ops or slowing down Dev – the best of both worlds.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers said.

5 Star Ratings
Software – Cloud Manager

“We always knew Least Privilege was the gold standard, but it was too monstrous of a project ahead of us. Global deny with one click and automated exceptions made it all possible.”

5 Star Ratings
Transportation – DevOps Engineer

“We couldn’t sustain manually building policies as we scaled. We now have time back we didn’t know we could get.”

5 Star Ratings
FinTech – Head of Cloud Security

“Simply cutting out unused permissions had this trickle down effect that resulted in other lateral movement and access risks magically disappearing.”

Research to Keep Your Cloud Secure

The Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) is widely recognized as a security concept that enforces giving an identity (a person or machine identity) only the permissions that are essential to performing its intended function.
Don’t know where to start? Feeling stuck in your goal to secure cloud identities? We have a simple strategy we guide customers...
Sonrai Security has released its latest report, “Cloud CISO Strategy: MITRE ATT&CK Framework Guide to CloudSec.”

Enforce Least Privilege and Beyond

See how you can remove excessive permissions at scale without disrupting business