Cloud Privileged
Access Management

Securely remove unnecessary access and privilege for human and machine identities, while seamlessly approving temporary or long-term access as needed.

Restrict Privileged Access

Restrict Privileged Access

The majority of human and machine identities in your cloud have privileged access that they don’t use. The Cloud Permissions Firewall is built on privileged access intelligence that tells you who has what, if they’re using it, and where the unnecessary risk is.

You can globally restrict access to powerful permissions and protect your business – all with a single click. Nothing is taken that’s needed so your users and applications stay running as expected.

Grant Access Easily When Needed

When an identity needs access to sensitive permissions that have been restricted for protection, grant them back with an easy workflow using your ChatOps tool of choice. An attempted use automatically kicks off a request workflow sent to a relevant approver so you have full control over who gets sensitive permissions and for how long.

The Cloud Permissions Firewall gives you all the control you need with the access your identities want.

Grant Access Easily
Report and Audit

Know Who, What, and When for Auditing

Track exactly which identity was granted privileged access, when, and by whom to meet all of your audit and compliance needs. Whether you view pre-built dashboards or integrate with a monitoring tool you already use, the Cloud Permissions Firewall gives you what you need to answer to stakeholders and auditors.

It’s Time to See Cloud Privileged Access Management

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