Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Remediate the risks resulting from compounding identity, data, platform and workload complexity, in one integrated platform built for the cloud.

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Why You Need CNAPP

On-prem point solutions can’t hold up in the cloud. Cloud native applications call for cloud native protection. Organizations need a way to protect sensitive data, uphold security posture and best practices, monitor for threats, secure identities and remediate risks in a more comprehensive and streamlined way.

This means implementing security early and throughout the entire development lifecycle from development to production.

The Sonrai CNAPP Solution

Combining the functionality of cloud security posture management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, data security posture management and cloud workload protection platforms into one solution is now possible.

Sonrai approaches cloud native protection by gaining a full picture of your entire cloud footprint and analyzing how all factors – data, identity, platform and workload – combine together to create risk. Total cloud remediation just got easier.

Many Needs, One Solution

More tools means more complexity. Cloud-Native Application Protection offers an all-in-one solution integrating point tool capabilities into a single centralized view. Break down tool siloes with the Sonrai CNAPP solution.

Operationalized Workflow

Because CNAPP offers a fullstack approach to security, it better integrates Dev, DevOps and Security teams. Organize your remediation workflow to reflect your organizational set up, and route alerts to the specific teams responsible for them.

Choose how you want to remediate concerns – either with prescriptive instructions or automated bots.

Try Securing Your Cloud with Sonrai

Comprehensive Security and Remediation

Risk-based prioritization and remediation inside your cloud.

Toxic Permissions Analyzer
Prioritized Actions
Cloud Access Intelligence
Anomaly Detection
Toxic Permissions Analyzer

Breakdown Attack Paths

Map the effective permissions of every identity – machine or human – no matter how many degrees of separation away permission inheritance is. Now you can break down the toxic permission chains creating paths to your sensitive data and cloud-native applications.

Prioritized Actions

Fix What Matters Most, First

Identify and secure your most valuable resources in your organization’s cloud environment. Risks tied back to the most valuable resources will be automatically prioritized so your team never chases a deadend. Integrations with your organization’s existing ticketing and SIEM solutions streamline workflows.

Cloud Access Intelligence

Instant Intelligence for Every Audit

It’s now possible to instantly know everything that can access sensitive assets in your cloud. Through comprehensive cloud search analytics, you can quickly validate policies, investigate incidents and address audit requests with assurance. Use more than 1,000 policies mapped to every major compliance framework like NIST, CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR, HITRUST and more, to meet compliance with ease.

Anomaly Detection

Detect New Risk & Attacker Activity

Reach a secure baseline for identity behavior, infrastructure controls and data access, and detect deviations suggesting risk. Monitor high-value resources to detect any unusual access or changes in configurations and permissions to reveal attacker activity or prevent it before it could even start.


“Sonrai Security provides us with complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across our large AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure. The platform has become the cornerstone of the RMS public cloud risk management and security program.”

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Kyle Watson

Security Architect, RMS

Security for Your Entire Public Cloud

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Unified security for identities, data, workloads and cloud configurations powered by the Sonrai Identity Graph.

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Continuously monitor activity logs, cloud assets, and configuration to stay ahead of cloud risks in real time.  Detect when cloud posture is drifting and send alerts to the right team for immediate action.

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Prioritize vulnerabilities with agentless scanning combined with real risk context based on privileges, access to sensitive data, or external exposure.  Save time and minimize risk with quarantining risky hosts with bots.

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Data Access

Discover, monitor and secure critical data. Know who can access your critical assets and secure them. Monitor key vaults and databases to alert on changes and inform least access policies.

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Monitor cloud resources, access and actions to detect threats.  Prioritize, investigate and respond quickly with context-aware alerts based on business risk.

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Enforce, report and automate compliance with over 1000 policies mapped to every major compliance framework including NIST, CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, GDPR, HITRUST, and CSA STAR.

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Witness a CNAPP in Action

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