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Total Cloud Security in one platform

Build your cloud security operations on the foundation of the Sonrai platform. Unearth, prioritize, and fix every kind of risk – workload, identity, platform, data.

Contextualized Workload Protection

Vulnerability prioritization for VMs and containers requires going beyond age, CVSS score, and exploit status. Sonrai Risk Amplifiers leverage the sonrai identity graph to highlight vulnerabilities with access to administrator privileges, access to sensitive data, or connected externally. Deploy Sonrai’s lightweight agentless scanner for workload insights without heavy cloud resource requirements – or enrich the Sonrai platform with existing scanner data.

Every identity revealed. Every privilege mapped

Identity is the perimeter in cloud, and it has exploded.

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of all identities

are machine or non-people identities, many of which are used by ephemeral programs.

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new unique permissions

are released by the major cloud providers every day

Complex permission chains have become a very attractive attack vector. Knowing what can access what requires a continuous, unified graph of activity, privileges, and potential access. Sonrai is purpose-built to understand every identity’s effective permissions and enforce least privilege. Sonrai’s graph will map every permission, no matter how complex, and is the only CIEM platform that achieves this.

Continuous CSPM

Securing public datastore access is just the beginning

A simple “no” answer to “is my datastore public?” used to be good enough for point-in-time CSPM solutions. Today’s dynamic clouds are much more complex than that. Periodic checks don’t support modern security posture anymore.

See a real-time picture of cloud resources & configuration

Regular updates from activity logs and API checks, monitoring for things like data movement and ephemeral compute activity, prevent undetected between-scans breaches or non-compliance.

Get a full picture of configuration drift

Sonrai lets you check your security posture against custom-built frameworks that fit your unique cloud so you know your cloud is truly secure at every moment.

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See and protect all sensitive data

Know where your data is. Know it’s classified properly. Confidently identify and monitor critical resources with total assurance.

Protecting sensitive data is the core mission of the Sonrai platform. We help you unearth data, classify it, tag it, and monitor all activity around critical resources — including actions inside databases and secret stores. Defending the identity-to-data attack path requires protection from both ends, made possible with cloud data leak prevention.

Organize, prioritize and fix at scale

Mapping and understanding risks is meaningless if you can’t fix them — and keep fixing them over time as your cloud grows.

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Custom to your cloud

Sonrai organizes your cloud by team and workload importance, right-sizing policies for each environment and allowing you to route issues to the relevant people.

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Out-of-the-box remediation

Advanced workflow capabilities and a library of custom remediation and prevention options – including prebuilt and custom bots – mean things get fixed fast.

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Security maturity reporting

As you address risks, reporting lets you communicate your advancement towards a security maturity goal for each environment.

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Stakeholder value metrics

Track progress over time with digestible KPIs that give your team benchmarks and make sense to executives.

Identity is the new perimeter. Sonrai makes sure your perimeter has no holes

Sonrai is the only source for comprehensive intelligence on identity-to-data pathways at the enterprise scale. Our proprietary, big data analytics engine continuously updates every complex path an identity has used or could use to access data — no matter how many relationships and inheritances are involved — to offer visibility that’s always rooted in full context and actionable understanding.

Sonrai gives you a clear picture of all activity, all relationships, and all identities in your cloud. See everything, connect everything, and build a solid foundation for your cloud security.

Cloud Security Architect, Worldwide Market Leader, Analytics Software Platform

“Sonrai is the cornerstone of our public cloud security. It delivers complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across AWS and Azure.”

CISO, Top Bank

“When auditors asked us who can access data in a sensitive workload, we needed an answer.”

Director Cloud Operations, Top 15 North American Insurance

“DevOps must move quickly without compromising security. Sonrai gives us both speed and security.”

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See everything, connect everything,

and build a foundation for cloud security.

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