Cloud Data Loss Protection

Know where your data is. Know who can access it. Know it’s locked down.

In cloud, the perimeter is your identities, and it’s important to block potential entry points for breach.

But the path to sensitive data must also be protected. Sonrai ensures sensitive assets are best protected using an inside-out, data-centric approach that understands your unique data and enables quick and simple defense of critical resources.

Locate, track movement, and classify every bit of data.

The ‘Where’s my data?’ question needs a simple answer. Sonrai gathers object storage, warehouses, databases, block storage in every shape and size, along with the location and movement history of data, to provide cloud teams with a uniform view and true picture of the current security posture. With Sonrai, you always have a full picture of data across the entire cloud environment – and know exactly where it is and where it’s been.

Separate the noise from the signal for access alerts.

Sonrai automatically locates, classifies, and tags data. Use prebuilt configurations that recognize common PII and sensitive data formats (such as credit card numbers, magnetic strip numbers, health claim numbers, etc), or build your own customized tagging scheme using classification bots.

Get ready for always-on activity and advanced critical resource monitoring that secures data at rest and in transit – throughout its full lifecycle.

See into every database and secret vault.

Most data protection schemes can’t see inside key vaults and databases and only report on configuration and activity related to the object. Sonrai enables cloud teams to see the full picture of what’s truly happening inside vaults and DBs in every moment.

Direct, deep integration with the Secret Store itself means you always have a record of what identity changed or accessed a key and when they did it. What’s more, changes inside critical databases are also tracked to give rich intel on the use of access to inform least access policies.

Monitor critical resources and enforce Least Access where it matters.

Least access is extremely important to apply to critical resources. But as a strict policy goal, it’s difficult to apply it to every piece of data. When you consider that your cloud comprises tens of thousands of pieces of compute and thousands of roles with rights and privileges to access data, this becomes a daunting task.

Sonrai’s Identity Graph lets you understand every identity’s historical data access and potential access, allowing you to enforce a least access policy in the right places without placing unnecessary tripwires elsewhere.

Certain data assets are so sensitive that you need to know everything happening to them. Sonrai will show behavioral use and access pattern changes to these critical resources.

You can even monitor identities and roles that should only be used in ‘break glass’ situations. Then you can leverage comprehensive workflow capabilities to alert on any changes on those resources.

Cloud DLP Features

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Prebuilt & custom auto-classification & tagging

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Deep in-secret store & in-DB behavior analytics

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Drift detection & access history

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Critical resource monitoring

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Discover how we monitor and protect

your enterprise crown jewels

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