Disrupt Attack Paths. Stop Lateral Movement.

Least privilege is just the first step. Discover toxic combinations, enforce separation of duties, break attack paths, and instantly respond to anomalous access.

Disrupt Attack Paths. Stop Lateral Movement

Discover Toxic Combinations of Permissions

Even in a state of least privilege, confusing webs of intersecting policies and toxic combinations of permissions can result in unintended access. These violations of separation of duties are nearly impossible to see using least privilege solutions, PAM, IGA, and native tools.

Sonrai’s CIEM solution computes how individually harmless policies, permissions, and access rights can combine together to create risk – and then illustrates it for you in visualized permission chains.

Toxic Combinations Permissions

Remediate Hidden Attack Paths

Remediate Hidden Attack Paths

Compromising one identity can be all an attacker needs to cause damage. Lateral movement through role assumptions, privilege escalations, and toxic combinations creates attack paths to your data and applications.

Use automated remediations to break the access chains and protect your assets, or follow step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting via command line or the cloud console interface.

Detect and Respond to Access Anomalies

Receive instant alerts for any abnormal change in permissions use or with privileged identities at the moment it happens. You might detect attacker activity or catch a change that introduces new risk before an incident can even occur.

Take action yourself, alert your SOC, or configure automated responses like quarantining the affected identity or critical resource.

Anomaly Detection
CIEM Integrates with Governance

CIEM Integrates with Your Governance Needs

Sonrai’s Identity View offers you an inventory of every identity – machine or human— across all clouds in your estate. The inventory includes a view of identity entitlements and all possible access points for them in your cloud.

Govern your machine and human privileged identities from a clear interface, armed with data on federation, admin certification, role assumption, data access, and more.

“At an enterprise level, the Sonrai Security platform and the team’s deep understanding of Azure cloud controls helps us to enhance our security posture and discern vulnerabilities like over privileged accounts, lack of encryption, and data stores open to public access.”

Andrew Vezina,
Equitable Bank

“The elimination of identity and data risks, automation, and continuous monitoring has transformed our cloud security operations, and helped accelerate our cloud migration.”

Richard Delisser
SVP Land Technology, Cloud, & Infrastructure
World Fuel Services

“Sonrai Security provides us with complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across our largest AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure The platform has become the cornerstone of our cloud risk management and security program.”

Kyle Watson
Security Architect


Our experts provide detailed CIEM buying guidance for entitlement and security in the cloud.
Learn how a CIEM works with your current solutions and why investing in identity and access security should be the priority.

Watch Attack Path Disruption In Action

Watch a demo to see how Sonrai Security can secure identities and entitlements across your entire public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, GCP and OCI.