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Sonrai’s public cloud security platform provides a complete risk model of all identity and data relationships, including activity and movement across cloud accounts, cloud providers, and 3rd party data stores.

Identity Monitoring and Access Graphing

Uncover all identity and data relationships between administrators, roles, compute instances, serverless functions, and containers across multi-cloud accounts and 3rd-party data stores. Sonrai’s cloud security platform graphs all access paths to answer key questions:

  • What trust relationships are present across accounts?
  • Are there over privileged roles and identities?
  • Are there any separation of duty risks?
  • Are there escalation risks?
  • Who/what has access rights?
Identity Monitoring and Access Graphing

Continuous Monitoring of Crown Jewel Data

Inside the platform, our critical resource monitor continuously monitors your critical data sitting inside object stores (e.g. AWS S3, Azure Blob) and database services (e.g. CosmosDB, Dynamo DB, RDS). Suspicious access activity or undesirable changes in access rights are flagged:  

  • What is normal access behavior?
  • What or who can access this resource and from where?
  • What is accessing this resource?
  • What has changed?
  • What is the blast-radius?
Continuous Monitoring of Crown Jewel Data

Control Frameworks and Compliance Dashboards

Privacy and compliance controls are monitored across multiple cloud providers and 3rd party data stores. Resolutions are coordinated with relevant DevOps teams. Capabilities include:

  • GDPR, HIPAA, PCI dashboards and more
  • Data sovereignty monitoring
  • Data asset inventory
  • Customizable controls and compliance dashboards
  • Monitoring PII data movement
Control Frameworks and Compliance Dashboards

Automation between Security, Cloud, and DevOps

Sonrai organizes your cloud into swimlanes tied to the DevOps teams. Alerts, out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, and resolutions are all organized by swimlanes.  Sonrai allows customized monitoring and views for development, staging, or production workloads and an API architecture integrated into your CI/CD process. APIs allow policy testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline to ensure violations don’t get into production.

Automation between Security, Cloud, and DevOps

Cloud and Data Integrations

Out-of-the box integrations provide extensive coverage of your cloud account activity. Integration categories with examples include:

  • Public Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Audit: AWS CloudTrail, Azure activity logs, GCP Stackdriver
  • Data Stores: DynamoDB, RDS, Cosmos DB, Data Lake, SQL, Big Table
  • Key Stores:  KMS, HashiCorp Vault
  • Infrastructure:  WAF, Cloudfront, ELB
  • Compute:  ECS, Lambda, Azure Serverless, Kubernetes
Cloud and Data Integrations

Multi-Cloud Normalization

Our platform is multi-cloud. Identity and data activity for 100s of AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions, and GCP clouds are normalized and modelled. 3rd party data stores and key stores (e.g. Vault) are also normalized.  Teams do not need to understand the intricacies of differing cloud security models and daily service updates.

Multi-Cloud Normalization

Webinar: How Public Cloud Changes Cybersecurity for the Better

Register for this webinar and learn about while basic security controls are enduring, public cloud has introduced a wave of new practices, tactics, and forms of automation to implement those controls. In total, these capabilities are going to make cloud security better than on-premise methods.