Cloud Permissions Firewall

One-Click Least Privilege. Zero Disruption.

Cloud Permissions Firewall

Why You Need a Cloud Permissions Firewall

Less than 10% of human and machine identities with sensitive permissions are actually using them.

Built for Cloud Operations teams, the Cloud Permissions Firewall is designed to automatically remove all unused permissions and access to services in your cloud, resulting in 97% time savings reaching least privilege.

Remove Permissions with Confidence

Remove Permissions with Confidence

Continuous intelligence on who or what is using actions in your cloud gives you the confidence to remove unused permissions and services without disrupting work. Unlike solutions that provide point-in-time insights, the Cloud Permissions Firewall features on-going monitoring to right-size permissions as your cloud changes.

Your teams can’t manually keep an eye on the tester role that hasn’t used its permissions in over 90 days – let the Cloud Permissions Firewall do that for you. Unused permissions are detected and teams are prompted to remove them without disruption.

Take Action in One Click

Stop spending weeks writing IAM policies and tackling to-dos. The Cloud Permissions Firewall automatically writes a single global policy unique to your access needs – all you have to do is review the work and click to deploy. It really is that easy.

The result is a dramatic decrease in your permissions attack surface.

Don’t Interrupt the DevOps Flow

When a human or machine needs a permission that is restricted, an on-demand request process enables access in seconds. The Cloud Permissions Firewall automates everything – initiating the request, routing it to the appropriate approver, updating the permission policy and alerting the requestor the permission is granted. On average, we see about 6 requests in a 90 day period.

Auditing and stakeholder reporting is covered with pre-built dashboards that track access changes.

Works Where You Work

We believe granting required permissions on the fly should be easy.  Request and approval processes live in the chat tools you already use today and all access changes are recorded in your ITSM.

Gain visibility and take the action you need in the tools you use today without the burden of a new process or UI.

Built for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Works Where You Work

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What Our Customer’s Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers said.

“Our transition from tedious, weeks-long tasks to accomplishing Least Privilege outcomes in just a few days has been remarkable.” said Josh McLean, CIO of World Kinect, “This approach has saved us a tremendous amount of time while also guaranteeing the security of all critical permissions.”

Josh McLean, CIO, World Kinect

“The thing about deleting unused identities or enforcing least privilege is we know it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, but everyone’s afraid it’ll break something or interrupt our development cycles. We don’t have to worry anymore… Now we just deploy – confidently.”

Preetam Sirur, CISO, Eye Care Leaders

“With one click, I can disable unused permissions, identities, regions, and services, confident knowing that nothing will be mistakenly disabled or left vulnerable to exploitation. It’s a worry-free experience.”

Nicole Landry, Director of IAM, EQ Bank

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