ROI of The Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall

Historically, implementing security controls has meant more work on your teams, money on the table, and a lot of time spent. And what’s it got you?

A fraction of your identities secured? A ‘good start’? We built a solution that cuts attack surface risk instantly with the click of a button without the added burden on your resources.

With the Cloud Permissions Firewall there are no sacrifices, just good security with less work and quicker timelines – talk about saving money.

Cloud Permissions ROI

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Get Results Faster 5 days vs. 10 months

What used to take 10 months, can now happen in less than 5 days. Current solutions like native tools and manual efforts lead to slow-moving and burdensome processes – without even securing ALL your identities. 

The Cloud Permissions Firewall deploys a global policy slashing risk in less than 5 days.

Get Results
Save Team Work

Save Your Team Work 97% time saved achieving least privilege

No more hand-picking identities for behavior monitoring, no more reviewing policies one-by-one, no more manual policy creation on a per-identity basis, no more coordinating with other teams, and no more updating policies after burdensome access request processes.

The Cloud Permissions Firewall automates these processes for you, reducing tasks for your team and streamlining workflows. Take a load off your people and when new permissions are needed, let’s make the process quick.

Calculate Your ROI with the Cloud Permissions Firewall

Input your cloud details to see how much time and money the Cloud Permissions Firewall would save you to reach least privilege.

Protect All Identities – Not Some 100% protection over all new identities

Native solutions are not built to monitor machine identities – the majority of your estate. Not even all the human identities are covered either because manual and slow processes are just not scalable. With the Cloud Permissions Firewall, you get coverage over all identities and 100% protection for any new identities with the default deny policy.

Protect All Identities – Not Some

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Our transition from tedious, weeks-long tasks to accomplishing least privilege outcomes in just a few days has been remarkable. This approach has saved us a tremendous amount of time while also guaranteeing the security of all critical permissions.”

Josh McLean

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Chief Information Officer

“The challenge about deleting unused identities or enforcing least privilege is we know it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, but everyone’s afraid it’ll break something or interrupt our development cycles. We don’t have to worry anymore.”

Preetam Sirur

Eye Care Leaders
Chief Information Security Officer

“With one click, I can disable unused permissions, identities, regions, and services, confident knowing that nothing will be mistakenly disabled or left vulnerable to exploitation. It’s a worry-free experience.”

Nicole Landry

Equitable Bank
Director, IAM

See the Return On Your Investment

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