Never Worry About Permissions Again

Seamless on-demand approvals for permissions. No security delays in your pipeline. Get exactly what you need to do your job – securely.

Grant Access Easily

Fewer, Smarter, & Faster Access Workflows

The Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall significantly reduces access requests without compromising security. Permissions deemed ‘nonsensitive’ bypass any approval processes, minimizing disruptions.

Workflows kick off automatically when you attempt to use a restricted permission, and are sent directly to the right person for approvals. All machine and federated identities are secured, but no one’s day gets interrupted with unnecessary blocked access.

Automate Approval Workflow Design

Who should approve an access request for a machine identity in a given account?

Using permissions analytics, the correct owner of an account (or any part of your cloud) is automatically identified as the approver – so the request goes to a relevant approver, not a centralized security center.

All actions in the flow can take place from your existing ChatOps app – Slack, Teams, Gmail, etc. No need to log in to a new tool and no new interruptions.

Instantly Know What’s Blocking You

The cloud is a maze of different policies at different control levels, making it difficult to know where to go for help when something is blocked. The Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall provides a single layer of permission control & automatically prompts the owner of an identity when permissions get blocked. There’s no hunting for the right person or system to ask, as you’re proactively notified.

Know whats blocking you instantly

Sonrai allows us to track where every identity may be overused or over-exercised within our environment, and that allows us to develop from the beginning a secure environment.

Shawn Bowen
VP & Chief Information Security Officer
World Kinect Services

Sonrai is one of the leaders in this space, both from a product maturity perspective, and the thought leadership.

Source: Gartner Peer Reviews

Sonrai Security provides us with complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across our largest AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure The platform has become the cornerstone of our cloud risk management and security program.

Kyle Watson
Security Architect
Moody’s RMS

Research to Keep Your Cloud Secure

Understand how to enable global controls for your entire AWS footprint.
Example permissions that you should know are sensitive in popular cloud services and why they need to be locked down.

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