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Secure admin accounts, remove unused identities, enforce least privilege and disrupt attack paths across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
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“The elimination of identity and data risks, automation and continuous monitoring has transformed our cloud security operations, and helped accelerate our cloud migration.”

SVP, Information Security (CISO)
World Kinect Services

“The tool has enabled us to identify weaknesses in our access model via continuous monitoring and insights to help us secure our cloud environment.”

Enterprise Customer, Airline
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“Sonrai is one of the leaders in this space, both from a product maturity perspective, and thought leadership.”

Director of IT, Banking
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Patented Analytics Visualize Your Unique Cloud

The Sonrai Graph gives you a continuous picture of all identities (human and machine), activity, and relationships in your enterprise cloud in real time. Built-in remediation steps show you exactly what to do to boost your security.

Patented Analytics Visualize Your Unique Cloud
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Explore key features like identity management, lateral movement pathways identities, and data security across various cloud platforms.

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Secure Identity and Access at Scale
Risk-based prioritization and remediation you’ll actually use.

Break Toxic Combinations

Remediate unintended attack paths to your sensitive data and applications by breaking down toxic permission chains.

Map the effective permissions of every identity no matter how many degrees of separation away permission inheritance is.

Break Toxic Combinations
Break Toxic Combinations
Enforce Least Privilege

Enforce Least Privilege

Reduce unnecessary attack surface by implementing least privilege.

Analyze permission and access usage to reveal excessive permissions and strip what’s unnecessary.

Continuously enforce least privilege with built-in policies.

Continuously Monitor Entitlements

Detect active malicious behavior or permission changes introducing new risk.

Know every move that’s made – no matter how brief – so you can remediate before there’s an incident.

Continuously Monitor Entitlements
Get a Comprehensive Cloud Identity Audit – Free

Get a Comprehensive Cloud Identity Audit – Free

Uncover your cloud identity risks in 24 hours, with recommendations on next steps to immediately reduce your risk.

Secure Multi-Cloud Environments

Sonrai connects to every major cloud provider and has an open API enabling
you to integrate with any existing tools you need to secure your cloud.

Secure Multi-Cloud Environments

Free Cloud Security Insights, On Demand

Learn how cloud leaders secure cloud identities, access, and permissions from Sonrai’s ACCESS ’23 summit.

World Kinect Securely Accelerates Cloud Migration with Sonrai

As World Kinect, a Fortune 100 Energy Company, consolidated 22 data centers and moved to the cloud, security needed to move as fast as the migration.

Today, Sonrai provides security controls for 200+ AWS accounts and Azure subscriptions, uncovering all relationships from identities to sensitive data or privileges and hidden risks in a single picture.

Ready to Secure Your Cloud from the Inside Out?

Get a personalized demo to see how Sonrai Security can secure your entire public cloud across AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI.

Learnings from the Research Team at Sonrai

Get Your Whitepaper 23 Pages Download Sonrai Security has released its latest report, “Cloud CISO Strategy: MITRE ATT&CK...
Get Your Whitepaper 23 Pages Download Sonrai Security has released its latest report, “Cloud CISO Strategy: MITRE ATT&CK...