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Complete cloud security in one platform

Workload Security
Platform Security
Identity Security
Data Security

See must-fix vulnerabilities

Agentless scans of VMs and container workloads uncover vulnerabilities, PII, and other security risks. Sonrai Risk Amplifiers automatically highlight vulnerabilities with high privileges, access to sensitive data, or external exposure.

Continuously monitor behavior

CSPMs check cloud state intermittently, leaving security holes.  With Sonrai Dig, see cloud inventory and detect drift, continuously. Record and observe every action with complete log monitoring so critical access and change activity that occurs between scans are not missed.

Eliminate lateral movement risk

Get a handle on lateral movement risk, toxic privilege combinations, and enforce least privilege. Know what privileges are used by people, and non-people identities. Gain a single source of truth for every identity right and all possible access in your cloud.

Lock down crown jewels

Locate and lock down all sensitive data. Automatically tag, classify and track sensitive data, enforce least access and monitor for nefarious activity.

World Fuel Services securely accelerates cloud migration with Sonrai

As World Fuel Services consolidated 22 data centers and moved to the cloud, security needed to move as fast as the migration. Today, Sonrai provides security controls for 200+ AWS accounts and Azure subscriptions, uncovering all relationships from identities to sensitive data or privileges and hidden risks in a single picture.

Shawn Bowen, VP and Chief Information Security Officer
World Fuel Services Corporation

Modernizing the Security Infrastructure report

Mitigating Enterprise Cloud Workload Risks in Legacy Infrastructures

Read an exclusive Tag Cyber report that addresses the security needs of today’s dynamic infrastructure and how legacy security no longer proves the breadth and depth required to secure cloud environments.

Designed for scale

Our customers are huge, some having 1000’s of cloud accounts. With cloud skyrocketing, enterprise teams need to be prepared to scale fast.

Sonrai keeps you ahead of the curve.

Trusted as the foundation of cloud security by cloud pioneers across the Fortune 500

Cloud Security Architect, Worldwide Market Leader, Analytics Software Platform

“Sonrai is the cornerstone of our public cloud security. It delivers complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across AWS and Azure.”

CISO, Top Bank

“When auditors asked us who can access data in a sensitive workload, we needed an answer.”

Director Cloud Operations, Top 15 North American Insurance

“DevOps must move quickly without compromising security. Sonrai gives us both speed and security.”

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