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Cloud Security Predictions: What to Lookout for in 2022

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Eric Kedrosky, CISO and Director of Cloud Security of Sonrai Security
David Shackleford, Owner and Principal Consultant of Voodoo Security
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As hard as it may be, security experts are often expected to act like psychics when it comes to predicting the greatest risks to the organization. While the disruptive forces unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic continue to shape the global business ecosystem, one important trend remains unchanged: the steady march toward a public cloud world.

With years of industry experience behind them, host Eric Kedrosky, CISO & Director of Cloud Research at Sonrai Security, and David Shackleford, Owner and Principal Consultant of Voodoo Security, are primed and ready to share their cloud security prophecies for 2022 with you!

Get out your crystal ball and join us for a look into the future of cloud security and how cloud security will evolve in 2022. Attendees will hear:

  • The new fundamentals of cloud security,
  • The simple mistakes that will to lead to the greatest cloud security headaches,
  • Which security practices will become irrelevant in 2022 and beyond, and
  • Why malicious actors will keep getting smarter and what you should expect from attackers.

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