Vulnerability Management

Uncover true impact and severity using a continuous picture of platform, identity, and data information about the host

A dynamic cloud requires a dynamic way to see and prioritize vulnerabilities

In cloud, vulnerabilities proliferate at a high rate, with some teams buried in a thousands-long backlog of alerts. In a cloud environment where the perimeter has been redefined and a data-centric security approach is preferable, a vulnerability must be contextualized by its potential impact.

Sonrai Security vulnerability management

How it works

Understand and Fix

See all vulnerabilities with our agentless scanner – or use your own

Powered with a comprehensive vision of cloud inventory, Sonrai’s agentless scanner detects host vulnerabilities in your cloud and applies context to show you what’s important. Get a clear picture of every host (VMs, containers, serverless), what it’s connected to, and what can or has accessed it. Have a scanner you like? That’s fine too – Sonrai is ready to ingest the data and enrich it with critical host context.

Determine how important the patch is with host intelligence data

When you’ve identified a vulnerability, you see a crack in the perimeter – but do you see a path to sensitive data? Sonrai tells you whether there’s sensitive data on the host or an attack path that could lead to it – whether by identity chaining, configuration issues related to platform or network, or other checks related to security posture. Combined with vulnerability-specific factors like CVSS score and exploit intel, a severity prioritization score gets the most critical vulnerabilities to the top of the to-do list. The power of unique host context saves time and shifts you from perimeter-focused defense to data-focused defense.

Understand how risk factors interlock and fix them all

Set up bots to quarantine vulnerabilities automatically. Then understand the interlocking risks on each host with a vulnerability and tackle the most important issues first. If the configuration that opens the attack path for a vulnerability is more important than another vulnerability, you determine that in a unified priority list. Don’t chase an endless stream of alerts that may or may not be relevant to data loss – get a cross-section view of how risks interlock in your cloud.

Learn how to eliminate vulnerabilities in your cloud

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Understand the risk context and protect sensitive data from


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