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Cloud Security For Energy & Utility Companies


Numerous energy and utility initiatives encourage cloud adoption to improve efficiency, flexibility, and speed. The goal is to remove legacy systems to deliver better experiences and services to clients, employees, and all stakeholders.

Despite these initiatives, energy and utility organizations are lagging in cloud adoption and are skeptical of adopting a cloud-first approach, often due to concerns about security. These cloud security concerns are broad but often are related to protecting personally identifiable information (PII) of employees and customers. Also, there is frequently a compliance requirement in the form of other company and government standards. These challenges make security and compliance a strategic element of their adoption of cloud computing.

However, these organizations can accelerate innovation using the public cloud without the loss of control. Leading energy and utility companies use Sonrai Dig to protect their public cloud environments from misconfiguration, policy violations, identity and data governance challenges.

There are a number of ways to approach your cloud migration and security. With automated, real-time remediation, Sonrai Security clients achieve continuous security and compliance, continuous data and identity governance, and can fully realize the benefits of the cloud.

Sonrai Dig Helps Energy & Utility Organizations De-Risk Their Clouds

Secure and Lockdown Your Sensitive Data

As energy and utilities navigate implementing the public cloud, there’s an opportunity to have an architecture that is secure, agile, and compliant. With Sonrai Dig, your company empowers developers to deliver faster, more flexible applications securely while preventing unintended and mistaken data exposure. Dig continuously monitors database and database service access to get immediate feedback on the health of your public cloud. Databases like DynamoDB, CosmosDB, RDS, Data Lake, Big Table and many other cloud based data stores contain your sensitive data. In addition to looking for public buckets and object stores, Sonrai Dig can help your organization discover and monitor access to these critical stores, databases, and resources to secure and lockdown your data.

Sonrai Dig helps energy and utility organizations succeed across the public cloud

Reduce Complexity Across Your Cloud

Deploying workloads into the cloud can quickly involve complex sets of both human and non-human identities, creating a new perimeter in a constantly changing security environment with 1000s of pieces of compute across 100s of roles. This complexity in identity and data access leaves your company at risk and your teams in need of simplicity. By simplifying your environment, your can better manage resources whether it is people, processes, policies, or compute. Sonrai Dig can decode permissions and activity of roles and identities so your company may track permissions and monitor activity of all of these identities as they create roles, assume roles, and gain access to your data.

Sonrai Dig helps energy and utility organizations succeed across the public cloud

Unify Compliance & Configuration Monitoring

Sonrai Dig delivers 100% of the security and compliance controls needed for monitoring base platform configuration across the public cloud. Our solution is designed to reduce identity and data access risks like, separation of duties, escalation, and other identity controls by implementing controls.

Dig gives your energy and utility organization a cloud platform posture with out-of-the box compliance frameworks and controls that are organized into frameworks to support CIS, NIST, PCI, and many other compliance mandates.

Cloud Security For Energy & Utility

Get a Free Identity & Data Access Assessment of Your Public Cloud

Sonrai Security is offering a free cloud risk assessment for energy and utility organizations. Identify all excessive privilege, escalation, and separation of duty risks across all of the roles and compute instances across your clouds. See what is accessing that data, what has access, what could get access, what has changed. Our team will use the powerful Sonrai Dig platform to deliver a free assessment of your current identity and data access risks.