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Cloud security is inundated with new tools and platforms; it’s tough to keep up on what does what. Sonrai and Wiz both offer cloud security solutions to enterprises globally. Both claim to be CNAPP, CSPM, CWPP, CIEM, and other acronyms. Wiz has innovated an agentless, scanning-based workload protection approach to the cloud, growing out of the CWP vulnerability management space. Sonrai invented an analytics engine that discovers and decodes permissions across the entire cloud, starting from the identity & data security area. Many customers use some or both products, with some overlapping competencies. There are pros and cons of the Sonrai identity-centric approach to cloud security versus the Wiz vulnerability-centric approach.

When an enterprise has deployed Wiz, they often seek out Sonrai for identity and entitlement use cases, including audit and compliance. We provide deeper visibility into complex cloud identity based attack paths. You can find out how we can offer this visibility in your environment by administering a Cloud Identity Diagnostic. It takes a few minutes to set up and run.

Comparing Cloud Identity Security Capabilities

FeatureWhy This Matters
Sensitive data discovery & analysisSensitive data discovery & analysis3rd party only; only data services affected by issuesSensitive data context is the first prioritization factor – not exploitability. Pair this with complete identity discovery to lay the structure for a permissions graph
Least AccessYesNoLeast Privilege policies limit identities to their previous permissions usage; Least Access reverses that dynamic, monitoring sensitive asset access and limiting it to set boundaries.
Identity, Access and
Permissions Visibility
More than 40,000 permissions analyzed including boundary conditions and nested groupsDirectly attached permissions onlyThe resulting access from intertwined permissions from organization, IAM, and resource layers of the cloud requires advanced analytics to decode.
Least PrivilegeYes, enforcement based on potential access & asset sensitivityYes, enforcement based on previous permissions usage.Least Privilege is often only based on limiting identities to permissions previously used. Smarter enforcement factors in the risk factor of unique actions and asset access.
Decode wildcard permissionsYesNo“*” means ‘all resources’ but must be decoded to its individually granted actions to reconcile it with other permission controls
Dormant identities & key rotationYesYesSecrets attached to orphaned identities are extremely valuable & sought by hackers to initiate attacks
Classify unique actionsYes; allNo40k+ unique actions in cloud have esoteric implications for ability to delete, edit, create, etc – this affects their potential impact in a breach
Map cross-account accessYes, beyond account boundary through trust relationships, including cross-cloudSingle-hop view onlyLateral movement cross-account is widespread; understanding full trust implications is necessary for prioritization
SIEM & ticketing integrationYesYesBeing extensible and sharing data to enrich context of other tools is essential for incident response
Compliance frameworksYes, full customizabilityYesFramework, powered by customizable controls, make auditing easier and refocus the team on day-to-day defense
Critical privilege change detectionYes, identifies and datastores, for potential access changes and anomalous activityFor access history paired with misconfiguration, not potential accessSeeing risky changes to potential access, not risky access itself, is necessary to stop attacks before they happen
Prioritization engineBased on workload sensitivity, exploitability, and proximity to sensitive dataBased on exploitability, or privileged identitiesMaking remediation efforts generate the highest value means starting with the data blast radius and working backwards

What security leaders say about Sonrai

“Sonrai offers full visibility into effective permissions and the identity chain – giving my team value insight to identify, root cause and remediate identity risks.”

Source: G2

“Sonrai is one of the leaders in this space, both from a product maturity perspective, and the thought leadership.”

Source: Gartner Peer Reviews

“We bought Wiz to hunt workload vulnerabilities in the cloud. To get the full context of what vulnerabilities could hurt us, we needed Sonrai’s intel on lateral movement and data impact.”

Source: Top 5 US Bank

See How Sonrai Compares to Wiz

See the Sonrai technology in action with a comprehensive view of where your cloud identity risks are - delivered in just 24 hours.  This comprehensive report includes specific next steps and is a valuable opportunity to compare findings from other solutions.