Cloud Misconfiguration

Avoid misconfigurations with vigilant monitoring and automatic policy application

Misconfigurations remain the most famous and frequent path to data breach.

Despite cloud providers’ great efforts to help customers solve this problem, exposing datastores to the internet still beguiles cloud security teams, regardless of their maturity. The dynamism and complexity of cloud development keeps opening the door to misconfiguration. Getting past this problem means seeing everything in your cloud, continuously monitoring, and applying the right policies automatically. 

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How it works


See everything

Most misconfigurations happen with a security posture management tool in place. The issue doesn’t lie in a missing security policy, but a blind spot in your cloud. Sonrai sees everything – data objects, stores, identities, inside databases, VMs, permission sets, containers, serverless functions, etc – anything that can contain data or access data, and has configurations governing access.

Monitor and update cloud state continuously

Setting a baseline and monitoring drift is how you keep up with misconfigurations. An accurate picture of drift requires continuous monitoring of all configuration changes – and who changed them. Whether it’s related to the cloud platform, an identity, individual data, a network – if it has a configuration, Sonrai can detect changes and tell you who changed it when.

Automate policy application and enforcement

A list of 800+ (and growing) configuration policies are applied against your cloud automatically by Sonrai. As environments are created and your security footprint expands, configuration checks must be applied – but the policies must fit the environment type. Sandboxes, production accounts, and environments with sensitive data all have different platform configuration requirements. Tailoring checks baked on workload sensitivity and compliance relevance is packaged and automatic, allowing security to keep up with your growing cloud. Prevention & remediation bots run checks to keep new environments from drifting away from you configuration baseline.

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