Sonrai Security CIEM vs.
Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud

Security Features Comparison

Broad vs. Purpose Built
Secure What is Valuable
Deep Identity Analytics
Prioritization and Context
Broad vs. Purpose Built

Comparing Broad vs. Purpose-Built

Prisma is Palo Alto Network’s broad code-to-cloud platform designed for securing workloads from their creation in the development pipeline onwards. Strategically, it extends their original network perimeter security approach, emphasizing perimeter defense, behavior monitoring, and workload vulnerability patching. Prisma integrates seamlessly with Palo Alto’s portfolio of products, making it a viable option for existing Palo Alto customers.

In contrast, Sonrai Security’s solution is purpose-built for the running cloud, emphasizing remediation of attack paths to sensitive data. Sonrai treats identity as the main medium of lateral movement, with an “inside-out” approach to protect sensitive data first and then build security strategy outwards towards the perimeter.

Secure What is Valuable

Secure What is Valuable to Your Business

Effective cloud security starts with understanding what sensitive data and applications are most critical to your business. The Sonrai Cloud Security Platform starts with data discovery, classification and segmentation of environments (sandbox vs. production) and builds a robust security program for your entire running cloud – focused on securing the attack paths to your business-critical sensitive data and applications.

In contrast, Prisma Cloud lacks visibility into your sensitive data beyond base services like AWS S3 and Azure Blob, and treats all applications the same – regardless of environment. As a result, much of your valuable assets in the cloud go unclassified, and therefore, are not prioritized for risk identification and mitigation based on their level of business criticality.

Deep Identity Analytics

Deep Identity Analytics Matter

The Sonrai Solution has patented analytics that dig deep into your cloud to fully understand effective permissions – who really has access to what. Looking beyond directly attached permissions, Sonrai’s analysis includes boundary conditions, privilege escalation and cross-account access.

In comparison, Prisma Cloud focuses only on directly attached permissions – significantly limiting visibility and resulting in false
positives/negatives when determining identity access permissions.

Prioritization and Context

Detect New Risk & Attacker Activity

Risk prioritization and contextual understanding is core to the Sonrai Solution. All findings are centrally prioritized based on the criticality of the risk, sensitivity of the data, and environment.  The integrated solution then provides the context for remediation – allowing security teams to focus on maximizing cloud risk reduction with limited time.

Prisma Cloud is a broad solution consisting of several siloed products, which makes centralized prioritization difficult, and results in numerous alerts all of equal importance – leaving security teams challenged to focus on what matters.


Comparing Cloud Identity Security Capabilities

Public Cloud EnvironmentsAmazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud InfrastructureAmazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Identity, Access and Permissions VisibilityMore than 40,000 permissions analyzed including boundary conditions and nested groupsDirectly attached permissions
Identification of Identity Cloud RisksOverprivileged identities, privilege escalation (e.g. sandbox to prod), cross-account and cross-cloud access.Overprivileged identities
Detection of ThreatsDetection of unusual access, change in permissions & potential access, unusual behavior and changes in risky configurationsUnusual identity activity based on pattern matching from activity history
Remediation AutomationAutomated prevention and remediation bots, escalations, CLI and console instructionsCLI and console instructions
Centralized PlatformOne integrated platform with tools  for security platform configuration, workloads, data and identitiesA multi-product solution with separate tools for platform configuration, vulnerabilities and identities lacking a unified view of cloud risk
DeploymentAgentless, read-only access deploymentAgents required for full visibility and risk analysis

See Sonrai In Action

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What security leaders say about Sonrai

“Sonrai is one of the leaders in this space, both from a product maturity perspective, and the thought leadership.”

Director of IT, Banking Industry
Source: Gartner Peer Reviews

“Sonrai offers full visibility into effective permissions and the identity chain – giving my team value insight to identify, root cause and remediate identity risks.”

Enterprise Customer
Source: G2

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