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Governance Automation

Governance Automation Allows Companies To Shift Left And Integrate Teams

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Automated Workflow to DevOps

The days of a centralized security team monitoring everything are gone. This model has given way to a new paradigm; DevOps. In this model, DevOps teams cover the whole stack from the infrastructure up to the application. To effectively support this, a shift is needed where security issues are sent directly to the teams that are responsible for them as opposed to a centralized queue. Not only does this reduce alert fatigue and/or missed alerts but also enables your business to run its operations at the speed of the cloud. The result: agility and security do not have to be mutually exclusive but instead become aligned.

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Automation Through APIs

With the speed of the cloud, you need security tools that can move just as fast. Long gone are the days of requiring users and admins to “point and click.” Instead, the use of APIs is the new norm to integrate security into DevOps. You can’t simply rely on a person working through GUIs to fix issues across hundreds of accounts, thousands of identities, and many more resources. With Sonrai Dig, everything can be done via an API that enables DevSecOps automation at the scale, and speed, of your cloud.

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Remediation & Prevention

Alerting is great but actionable is better. You spend a lot of time putting control frameworks in place but sometimes things go out of bounds. In these cases, your company needs to move at the speed of the cloud to fix issues. As a preventative measure, policies are put in place to restrict the creation or change of risky cloud services and thus eliminate the possibility of risks being created in the first place. Should an unwanted change occur, actions can be triggered to remediate the issue and eliminate the risk. All of this is achieved through the use of smart bots inside Sonrai Dig. With a collection of out of the box bots, as well as a flexible framework to build your own, we can take your security to the next level.

Automation Activity of Identity Security and Identity Monitoring Use Case / Blocking Code Use Case

Blocking Code Promotion

What happens in Dev needs to stay in Dev. When moving at the speed of the cloud, issues often get propagated through the development lifecycle and end up being deployed in your Production environment.  This not only creates unwanted, and often unknown, risk but also slows down time to market as well as creates costly disruptions and re-work. Using Sonrai Dig’s APIs, we can fully integrate security into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that code does not make it to the next stage until all the risks are addressed and your governance frameworks are adhered to.

Ready to De-Risk Your Public Cloud? See It For Yourself.

We believe identity and data controls are central to securing your cloud. Your cloud is flooded with non-people identities, sprawling data, and imminent danger. It’s why Sonrai Dig, built on patented graphing technology, perfectly maps all possible access and activities. This is how you automatically enforce least privilege, monitor access to crown jewel data, and automate CSPM. You get security far superior to anything possible before. Schedule a conversation to talk with us about how we can help your enterprise.