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The modern cloud provides enterprises with amazing value, but it’s not without its complexity and management headaches.

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What can you do with Sonrai Security?

Sonrai’s platform is powerful and can enable your teams to have near total control of cloud risk.
But here are a few cases where it really shines.

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Get to Least Privilege and stay there

Ensure that every user, role, service, whatever, has only the privileges necessary to function. It’s a great goal, but once you’re there, how do you stay there?

Enforce Least Access and keep data controlled

How do you keep access to critical data to a minimum without interrupting normal operations? Sonrai’s identity graph will show you every path to data.

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Apply the right policies and avoid misconfigurations

Modern cloud is complex, and the major providers are innovating constantly. Monitor every setting and stay ahead of the misconfigurations most likely to expose sensitive data.

Avoid spending time on the wrong vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities used to be simple. But with cloud, there’s more of them, and interplay with other risk factors complicates prioritization. Understand what needs to get fixed today.

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Finally, get a handle on your cloud compliance

Not every policy should (or can) apply to every situation. Sonrai helps you see your environments in real time to understand how shifting data and situations affect your compliance status with the relevant frameworks.

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