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Build Security Into Cloud Development, Prove Compliance, and Eliminate Misconfiguration Across Your Public Cloud

Spend Less Time Checking Alerts — And More Time Focusing on Operations

Enterprises need a collaborative approach across business, development, security, and operations stakeholders to deliver and run reliable applications at the speed of cloud. DevOps teams work to get new code pushed out rapidly, while improving quality and staying operationally sound. However, with speed comes risk.

Cloud misconfigurations remain the number one cause of data breaches. A simple misconfiguration can quickly escalate into a major security vulnerability and catastrophe for an organization.

Designed to Integrate with CI/CD Pipeline

We listened to our customers’ DevOps teams about their challenges around balancing short delivery timelines with reducing risk and we combined their input with our identity and data security expertise to create a platform that meets their needs.

Achieving security and compliance with short delivery timelines isn’t easy. It requires building protection into your public cloud and pipelines with automation.

Sonrai Dig makes this possible. Our code promotion blocks can add pre-deployment compliance checks to your CI/CD pipeline. With Dig, you can implement continuous delivery to secure software delivery and enforce compliance policies, secure the production environment through infrastructure, and build security into DevOps feedback loops.

Sonrai Dig Critical Resource Monitor for Data Governance in the Public Cloud

Sonrai Security Introduces Automation Engine for Identity and Data Security in the Cloud

The Governance Automation Engine for Sonrai Dig is re-inventing how customers ensure security in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes by automatically eliminating identity risks and reducing unwanted access to data. Our Governance Automation Engine helps enterprises address critical pain points including security breaches caused by identity policy misconfiguration and data risks that go beyond S3 buckets. It extends to include databases like Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, CosmosDB and many others, addressing disconnects among cloud, security, audit and DevOps teams with widely disparate cloud security toolsets.

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Shift Left

Prove compliance, build security into cloud development, and eliminate misconfiguration for cloud infrastructure across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes

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Automate Security

Integrate security and compliance checks into CI/CD pipelines to increase deployment speed and validate compliance earlier in the SDLC

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Governance Automation

Organize your analysis, alerts, and actions the way you organize your cloud with prevention bots, remediation bots and code promotion blocks

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Block Code Promotion

APIs allow full integration into your CI/CD pipeline so that code promotion from staging to prod only happens if all risks are eliminated and identity and data security standards are enforced

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Prevention Bots

As a preventative measure, policies are put in place to restrict the creation or change of risky cloud services and thus eliminate the possibility of risks being created in the first place

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Remediation Bots

Out-of-the box smart bots eliminate risks automatically and a flexible framework allows you to add your own bots. Workflow gives you control over escalation and all bot activity is audited

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Ready to De-Risk Your Public Cloud? See It For Yourself.

Identity and data access complexity are exploding in your public cloud. Tens of thousands of pieces of compute, thousands of roles, and a dizzying array of interdependencies and inheritances. First-generation security tools miss this as evidenced by so many breaches. Sonrai Dig de-risks your cloud by finding these holes, helping you fix them, and preventing those problems from occurring in the first place. Schedule a conversation to talk with us about how we can help your enterprise.

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