Security at the Speed of CI/CD

Security tailored to environment & dev stage

In most enterprises, DevOps has been asked to ship code even faster while “shifting security left”

These goals are often in opposition to each other. To get anywhere near these goals, you need to acknowledge that a traditional lift-and-shift security approach kills dev productivity.  Integrating security into cloud development can’t happen without a deliberate, scalable approach that changes the way risk policies and remediation workflows are applied.

Automate the foundation for “Shift Left” without burdening development.
Integrating security into development, instead of a reactive bug-chasing process, is an excellent goal — but is sometimes an unrealistic one for many organizations until workload organization, smart policy application, and automation are in place. Sonrai helps with that.

Right-size your security, built for speed

There’s a frustrating security/dev cycle that we all can recognize:

  1. Security implements restrictive access policies across the board to protect sensitive data.
  2. In the dev environment, where there’s no risk of data exposure, developers are locked out.
  3. Developers create workarounds that eventually make it to a production environment, where sensitive data is exposed.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

This is the problem with ‘blanket’ approaches that don’t understand the context of each environment. With Sonrai, you’re able to:

  • Determine which policies to apply by workload sensitivities and security maturity goals for each environment, where it matters.
  • Organize your cloud by team ownership and workload sensitivity.
  • Calibrate reporting, goaling, and remediation workflows to each swimlane.

Dynamic setup and automatic policy grouping make this scalable, so there’s no need to pick out each and every security guardrail, unless you want to.

Tailor your dev pipeline with advanced workflows

Should there be a central hub to see all cloud security risks? Yes. Should all alerts be centralized in one team? Absolutely not

The people who know an environment best should be the ones to fix an issue, rather than a security team far removed from the context of the workload. As cloud scales, distributed remediation is the only way to keep up.

Sonrai’s swimlanes let you organize your cloud environments to align with your teams, through workflow and escalations custom-fit for each one

Integrations to major ticketing & issue platforms integrate Sonrai’s tickets into your existing flow and automation with prebuilt and customizable bots built into the platform to speed up routine issue resolution.

Let us show you how to

secure your cloud

at the speed of CI/CD.