Cloud Teams:

Operationalize cloud security

Set goals. Track progress. Operationalize cloud security at scale

The promise of the cloud is alluring to businesses — make everything faster, more dynamic, more future-proof

This pushes cloud teams for fast and efficient cloud utilization towards a grand digital transformation goal, leading to a “build first, organize later” philosophy that doesn’t allow for operational sustainability. Unless the cloud team can embrace a strategy with tools that automate scaling and collaboration, it can lead to a misalignment of security, development, and cloud goals.

Sustainably mature your security

A cloud team cannot survive reactive, ticket resolution-focused approaches to security

That quickly overwhelms whoever is in charge of fixing issues and implementing security frameworks. Security maturity requires a sustainable approach that considers the operationalization of cloud security.

Sonrai starts with operationalization from day one. Onboarding means applying prepackaged, right-sized security policies to many accounts for their unique needs

Then we guide you through organizing your cloud’s environments by their sensitivity level to trigger automatic application of the appropriate frameworks.

Set security maturity goals for each environment based on your own business context and the presence of sensitive data. Avoid false positives that slow down development and guide each team to realistic maturity milestones over time.

Collaborate across clouds, teams, & environments

Successful cloud security is a collective effort that spans separate devops, infrastructure, and security teams. Silos between cloud types creates duplicate governance, slowing down each cloud team.

Sonrai gives you a unified view of all clouds in one security operations platform, giving teams ownership of their specific workloads.

Environments are organized into “swimlanes” with their own escalation paths, reporting, and responsible users to empower the right people to be alerted about the right issues — not a remote security team who has never before interacted with the environment.

Share a single source of truth between the cloud team and execs

“Data risk” across your cloud is a broad concept with many subcategories important to security personnel. But you need a single view with the sole organizing principle of answering the question, “what risk is most urgently in need of fixing?”

Sonrai answers that question for those with and without InfoSec backgrounds, from the same platform.

Communicating the state of your cloud can be difficult when cloud development methodologies fracture into fiefdoms organized by service or cloud provider. Holistic reporting that even non-experts can understand is key for executive and board buy-in to a cloud project.

Sonrai’s security maturity grading and historical reporting provide detail with understandable KPIs on accurate-but-simple reports that show what security areas need improvement and what success each team has had.

“Tickets closed” isn’t a worthwhile metric to anyone. Shifting to an advanced maturity grading system gives the cloud team a commanding view of security — and an easy way to brag about it.

Let us show you how to

Operationalize cloud security.