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Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Solutions Buyers Guide

What You Need To Know To Make The Best Decision.

With the Cloud Security Posture Management Buyer's Guide, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the different kinds of CSPM and the capabilities your cloud security solutions should provide. Choosing a CSPM solution that works successfully with your existing security infrastructure requires an understanding of what is being offered. Sonrai Security's free ebook provides the background to match a solution to your needs.

In order to meet the security, compliance, and efficiency required to protect the modern cloud environment, see our recommendation in these areas be that enabled your cloud environments. Use these recommendations to combine identity and data governance to improve security, performance, compliance, and risk. 

Download this guide to:

  • Understand the importance of CSPM
  • Examples of CSPM challenges
  • Review the most common CSPM use cases
  • Cloud Security Posture Management solution key capabilities
  • Managers approach to Intelligent CSPM

Complimentary eBook:
CSPM Solutions Buyers Guide 

CSPM Buyers Guide

A Platform For Securing Your Cloud

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Identity Security 
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Data Security
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Intelligent CSPM
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Identity Security

Eliminate All Identity Risks. Get To Least Privilege and Stay There

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Data Security

Discover, Classify, Lock Down, and Monitor “Crown Jewel” Data

Sonrai Dig Critical Resource Monitor for Data Governance in the Public Cloud
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Build Cross-Cloud Platform Security with Intelligent CSPM

Sonrai CSPM Security Center
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Governance Automation

Governance Automation Engine Helps Companies Shift Left and Integrate Teams

Governance Automation
Learn More About Governance Automation