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Keynote 10:00AM (EST)

Accelerate Identity Security Maturity in the Cloud

Chad Lorenc Amazon

Identity Security on-premises has been well understood for decades, but the cloud flips the script with new identity types, dynamic permissions and tools that do not migrate well to this new world.  Join this session to learn how you can mature your identity security strategy in the cloud - whether you are just getting started or have an established program.

Chad Lorenc

Amazon US West Security Delivery Manager

Session 10:30AM(EST)

Strategy to Execution: How to Close the Identity Security Gaps in the Cloud

Chris Kirschke AlbertsonsKaren Levy Sonrai Security

Chris Kirschke, Head of Cloud Security at Albertsons will walk through his approach to closing security gaps in the cloud using a combination of technology, people and process.  Learn his approach to identifying gaps, prioritizing budget and evaluating solutions and how Albertsons measures success.

Chris Kirschke

Chris Kirschke

Albertsons Head of Cloud Security

Karen Levy

Karen Levy

Sonrai Security VP of Product Marketing

Session 11:00AM(EST)

Closing the Security Void left by PAM and IGA in the Cloud?

Simon Gooch Accenture Johan Lund Accenture Sandy Bird Sonrai Security

Do you know what data is still vulnerable to attack after you’ve deployed your best privilege account management and identity governance tools in your cloud? Learn from the team at Accenture, who will explain the unmet critical requirements for securing identities in the cloud based on firsthand experience securing their clients’ clouds from compromise.

Simon Gooch

Accenture Director of Cyber Security & Global Digital Identity Lead for the CIO

Johan Lund

Accenture Security Consulting Senior Manager

Sandy Bird

Sonrai Security CTO and Co-Founder

Session 11:30AM(EST)

Identity 101: From Human to Machine and Everything In Between

Ashish Rajan Kaizenteq Ltd

An identity in the cloud extends far beyond the traditional definition of a human user, which is why traditional on-premises IAM approaches leave a gap in cloud security and why cloud-native tools don’t catch it all. Join this session to learn the many types of identities in your cloud and how to secure them based on their unique characteristics.

Ashish Rajan

Kaizenteq Ltd CISO & Host of Cloud Security Podcast

Break 12:00PM(EST)

Meditation Break: No More Cloudy Minds

Ben Painter WholeSchool Mindfulness

Work can be mentally exhausting. Join our meditation break with Ben Painter, co-founder of WholeSchool Mindfulness, allowing us all to take a step back from work to relax and calm our minds.

Ben Painter

WholeSchool Mindfulness Co-Founder and Partner

Session 12:30PM(EST)

Live Hack: Anatomy of A Cloud Attack

Jeff Moncrief Sonrai Security

In this live hack, we’ll open up the command line and show how an attacker can bypass traditional cloud security controls to execute everything from a ransom attack to cloudjacking to simply stealing all your data.

Jeff Moncrief

Sonrai Security Field CTO

Session 1:00PM(EST)

Mapping The Battlefield By Untangling Cloud IAM

Joe South Volkswagen Financial Services

Think of cloud security like a round of capture the flag in your favorite video game. In capture the flag, the battlefield is laden with intricate mazes and unpredictable challenges. In the cloud, our data is the coveted flag, with countless paths that attackers try to exploit. How do we apply similar defenses and strategies from the game to safeguard our cloud assets? Dive into this session to discover how to protect your data’s identity and access to keep your flag safe.

Joe South

Volkswagen Financial Services Principal Cloud Security Engineer

Session 1:30PM(EST)

5 Tips to Build an Identity
Strategy Your CISO will Love

Eric Kedrosky Sonrai Security

As security practitioners, we’re tasked with doing what’s best to secure our company. In the cloud, there’s no denying that identity plays an important role in security. More often than not, the shiny new vulnerability takes our eye off the ball, when it’s not actually the most important priority. In this session, Eric Kedrosky, CISO and security practitioner for over a decade, will walk you through how to get your CISO onboard with focusing on identity (or really anything you care about).

Eric Kedrosky

Sonrai Security CISO

Nicole Landry

EQ Bank, Equitable Bank Director, Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Break 2:00PM(EST)

From Stand-up to Cloud Stacks:
A Comedic Break

John Hedrick

Cloud security is hard, so it’s time to take a break from talking about cloud infrastructure and security. Join our NYC-based comedian as he navigates the clouds with a humorous twist. Whether you're a seasoned cloud expert or just seeking a break, this comedic break promises plenty of laughter.

John Hedrick


Session 2:30PM(EST)

CISO vs Security Architect: Battling to Secure the Cloud

Amanda Fennell Prove Inc.Darian Lewis Prove Inc.

Who wins when a CISO and a Security Architect go head-to-head on cloud security best practices? You do! In this dynamic session that puts the thinking of a CISO against the hands-on know-how of a Security Architect. This isn’t just a theoretical debate; it’s a practical exploration of colleagues who work together to do what it takes to truly secure the cloud, especially when it concerns protecting sensitive data. Gain comprehensive insights and learn how the duo educates each other and works together to secure the cloud.

Amanda Fennell

Prove Inc. CISO & CIO

Darian Lewis

Prove Inc. Sr. Systems Architect

Session 3:00PM(EST)

To Be Announced

Session 3:30PM(EST)

To Be Announced

Session 4:00PM(EST)

To Be Announced


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