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Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

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Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research, Sonrai Security & Dan Woods, Principal Analyst, Early Adopter Research
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Public cloud has broken new ground with respect to the integration of data protection and security. As S3 buckets, queues, cloud-native databases, and dozens of other repositories hold more and more of our data, the cloud-native IAM services of AWS, Azure, and GCP have grown in power and scope. Each of these provide ways of enforcing permissions to protect data that were either impossible or quite difficult and complex to achieve in the on-premise world. This webinar, hosted by Dan Woods, technology analyst and founder of Early Adopter Research, and Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research & CISO at Sonrai Security, will explore both what is better and harder about cloud data protection in today’s world including:

  • Why traditional data security tools and methods are not compatible in public cloud
  • Warnings about the much expanded range of risks related to cloud data in S3 buckets, databases, and other repositories, including both internal and external threats
  • Analysis of the implications of tight integration of identities, data access, and protection services
  • Specific steps for using policies on data assets such as buckets, storage accounts, queues, and other data services to prevent attacks and reduce the blast radius if an attack is successful
  • Suggestions for making best use of both cloud-native and external key management systems to encrypt data
  • Ways to use network controls to enhance data protection

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