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Managing Non-people Identities in AWS and Azure

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Sandy Bird, CTO and Co-founder, Sonrai Security & Dan Woods, Principal Analyst, Early Adopter Research
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Cloud-native application development and DevOps has led to an explosion of what are called non-people identities. Non-people identities (servers, VMs, serverless, applications, etc.) can be created manually and automatically, and like identities used for people, they can be the targets for security attacks. The methods and strategies for creating a workable and effective governance program for these identities are just beginning to be understood. In this webinar, Dan Woods, Principal Analyst at Early Adopter Research, and Sandy Bird, CTO of Sonrai Security, will look at the common mistakes made when managing non-people identities in AWS and Azure that lead to security vulnerabilities and the governance and management techniques needed to keep such identities safe. Topics covered:

  • Forces driving the explosion of non-people identities
  • Specific problems that occur in AWS and Azure
  • Security threats that often occur from mismanaged non-people identities
  • Governance and management to solve common problems in AWS, Azure, and across all clouds

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