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Data Classification Program in AWS & Azure: Deep Dive

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Time: August 18, 2021 1:30 PM ET

Presented By
Eric Kedrosky, CISO, Sonrai Security & Dave Shackleford, Founder, Voodoo Security
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Questions about public cloud data get complex answers. “Where is my data?” is subject to dynamic and ephemeral compute changing the definition of a “location.” “What is my data?” isn’t any simpler: classifying and tagging sensitive data can be as hard as locating it and tracking its movements.

In part 3 of our Data Security in Public Cloud series, we’re taking a deep dive into data classification: the critical step in sustainable data protection. With the seemingly infinite scale of cloud, discerning what data is sensitive and what isn’t becomes a bigger problem - and leveraging automation is necessary to limit the demand on your security team. There's more tooling than ever to implement custom classification unique to your company or industry - but the challenge is managing the program and avoiding drift away from your standards.

Sonrai CISO Eric Kedrosky & Voodoo Security Founder Dave Shackleford lay out how to run a durable data classification scheme built for cloud. Join them to learn about:

  • Data lifecycle and compliance considerations for classification
  • How to migrate or start a cloud data classification practice
  • Managing standard vs. custom classifiers
  • Building a tagging program
  • Advanced techniques & tooling for maintaining data standards

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