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The CIA, Scripts, Hook-Ups: 2020's Worst Cloud Security Data Breaches Explained

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Time: Dec. 15 at 2 PM EDT

Presented By
Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research, Sonrai Security
Dan Woods, Principal Analyst, Early Adopter Research
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2020 has been full of surprises - and cloud security data breaches have been no exception. From hotel chains to dating apps and video conferencing, misconfigurations and mistakes have left many organizations with exposed data. Knowing how data breaches happen and how to prevent them from happening is key when it comes to defending your identities and data access.

In this webinar, Dan Woods, Principal Analyst at Early Adopter Research, and Eric Kedrosky, CISO and Director of Cloud Research of Sonrai Security, countdown the top ten notorious cloud data breaches, breaking down how each was caused and how they could have been prevented. This webinar will detail the anatomy of each type of breach, what we can learn, what allowed the breach to happen, and the preventative measures. The cloud is undeniably the future, and it can be secured with a bit of wisdom and some best practices that are newly evolving as this technology matures.

Join us as we dissect the year’s most notorious cloud data breaches to share a bit of wisdom from our research, including topics like:

  • Identity and authentication for data storage
  • Public cloud misconfiguration
  • Key and secret management
  • Overprivileged identities
  • Malicious Bad Actors

And more.

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