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Automate Your IT Operations with Sonrai Dig
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Easily collaborate with your team

Slack connects you with the people and tools you work with daily so you can easily collaborate with your team. The Sonrai Security and Slack integration allows you to communicate efficiently, increasing team productivity and streamlining communications across platforms.

Quickly integrate workflows

With Sonrai’s Slack integration, users can receive notifications about Sonrai ticket updates directly to Slack. Set-up and authentication of the Sonrai tickets app is simple, allowing users to integrate tickets into their workflows quickly.

Collaboratively and securely communicate

Our integration with Slack allows you to move conversations out of emails and into workflows. Securely and collaboratively, you can communicate with team members to triage and action tickets effectively.

Slack integration

When enabling our Slack integration, ticket activity in Sonrai will generate messages to specified Slack channels.

For enhanced operationalization, Slack notifications can be configured to trigger for specific swimlanes in Sonrai based on user-defined criteria, including activity and ticket types. Any change made to a ticket matching the criteria, will generate a Slack notification or message for review, allowing you to integrate Sonrai tickets into your overarching workflows quickly.

The Slack AppExchange app first requires Sonrai Security Integration to be downloaded from the Slack App Directory ( Read the Slack instructions for configuring the AppExchange plug-in before installation.

Integration Overview

When enabling Sonrai to Slack integration, ticket activity in Sonrai will generate messages to specified Slack channels.

By default, any member of a Slack workspace can install an app. Once an app is installed, all workspace members can connect their accounts to use it.

Workspace Owners can turn on app approval to require admin approval for all apps. Members can install any apps approved by a Workspace Owner and may be able to request approval for other apps. If an app has been restricted, members cannot install or request approval for it.

Apps that are published in the Slack App Directory have been reviewed by the Slack team for user experience and security.

Sonrai Slack Integration Swimlane Overview

Sonrai Permissions

With the Slack integration, Sonrai Security can take a few actions in your Slack.

Sonrai Tickets will be able to view:

  • Content and info about channels & conversations
  • View basic information about public channels in your workspack

Sonrai Tickets will be able to do:

  • Perform actions in channels & conversations
  • Send messages as @sonrai_tickets
  • Send messages to channels @sonrai_tickets isn’t a member of

Adding Your Slack Destination

From the Sonrai Integrations page, click the Add Slack Workspace for an initial set-up, or “Manage Integrations” if there are pre-existing integrations.

For an initial Slack integration, the configuration screen is displayed:

The screen will prompt you to add a workspace title and description before authorizing the Slack app.

  • Input a name for the integration (Example: “Slack integration”)
  • Input a description for the integration (Example: “Receive notifications about Sonrai ticket updates directly to Slack.”)
  • Click on the Connect button to authorize Sonrai to connect to your organization’s Slack Workspace
  • Click Allow to finalize the connection between Sonrai and Slack

  • Once the application has been authorized, back in the integration screen above, click Add to save and enable the integration

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