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Identity and Data Governance for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes

Identity & data access complexity is a ticking time bomb in your cloud. Tens of thousands of pieces of compute, thousands of roles, and a dizzying array of interdependencies and inheritances. First-generation security tools miss this as evidenced by so many breaches.

Sonrai Dig, our enterprise identity and data governance platform, de-risks your cloud by finding these holes, helping you fix them, and preventing those problems from occurring in the first place.

De-Risk Your Cloud in 4 Steps

Get to Least Privilege and stay there. Eliminate all identity risks in your cloud

This is critical in the world of identity governance and the ephemeral nature of your public cloud. It's extremely complex to keep track of what has access to what and if that permission is used. Sonrai Dig maps every single trust relationship, inherited permission, and policy, for every entity (person and non-person) in your cloud. Identify all excessive privilege, escalation, and separation of duty risks across 1000's of roles and compute instances across 100's of cloud accounts; all mapped continuously.

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Lock down “crown jewel” data

Discover - Classify - Lockdown - Monitor

Sonrai Dig finds all stores and verifies rights. Not just what is accessing it, but everything that can potentially access it. If you have classified your data, Dig leverages that classification. But if you haven't, Dig classifies it for you. For structured and unstructured sources, Dig will learn about what's inside if it’s PII. After we have found it, and classified it, Dig helps you lock it down.

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Shift left by integrating teams

Do you have too many alerts going to the wrong teams? Our “swimlanes” organize alerts, and actions the way you organize your cloud. Sonrai Dig is API driven so it tightly integrates into your CI/CD pipeline. If your team tries to promote code from staging to prod, we won’t let that happen unless your public cloud security standards are met. Train your teams on best practices without constantly burdening security, audit, and compliance teams.

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Fix problems fast. Prevent them

Prevent - Escalate - Remediate
Remediation bots fix the problems found. But, how about preventing those problems from happening in the first place? Sonrai Dig does both! Our identity and data governance platform puts prevention rules in place across your cloud and makes sure they stay there. As people try to move workloads to production, checks are in place, and promotion only happens if your risk policies are followed.

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Webinar: Pillars of Cloud Security: How “Shift-Left” Enhances a Secure SDLC

The idea of “shift-left,” moving the responsibility for designing and implementing security as early as possible in the software development and system design process, has proven to be an integral benefit to improving security. In addition, doing things this way for resolving problems makes sure they are fixed permanently.


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Sonrai Security delivers an enterprise identity and data governance platform for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes. Our Sonrai Dig platform is built on a sophisticated graph that identifies and monitors every possible relationship between identities and data that exists inside your public cloud.

Our passion for innovation allows us to take risks and try new, ingenious ways to help our customers achieve control of their AWS, Azure, and GCP deployments. Come join us and be part of a world-class team modernizing cloud and data security. The company has offices in New York, NY and New Brunswick, Canada and is backed by Polaris Partners and TenEleven Ventures.

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