The First Cloud Permissions Firewall

Get cloud access under control, slash your permissions attack surface, and automate least privilege all without slowing down DevOps.

What you can expect:

  • Automated 1-click least privilege
  • Multi-cloud support across AWS, Azure, & GCP
  • Our experts will get you set up within 5 minutes & answer all your questions to make your setup easy

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Discover everything about what permissions and services your identities are using.

Take action to restrict sensitive permissions and apply default deny policy to new identities.

Grant pain-free access with automated request workflows integrated into ChatOps tools.

Achieve Least Privilege in 5 Days

Achieve Least Privilege in 5 Days

One-Click Least Privilege

With one click to deploy, you can protect unused permissions, services, identities, and regions to instantly reduce your attacks surface.

Our Cloud Permissions Firewall analyzes sensitive permission usage to determine what access is needed, and implements global restrictions for you accordingly. Policy changes are automatically managed. Least Privilege just got easier.

One-Click Least Privilege
The First Cloud Permissions Firewall

A Different Approach to Cloud Security

Visibility alone can’t fix security issues — so we made a tool that enables you to take action across your entire cloud. How?

Our least privilege solution focuses on restricting the 3,000 most critical permissions so you only have to deploy a single global policy. Your teams do less work, yet risk reduction is maximized.

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Sign-up for full product access at no cost. Implementation is quick and non-intrusive. No agents or workloads, just read-only permissions.

Remove Permissions with Confidence

Continuous intelligence on permission usage gives you the confidence to hit deploy and remove unused permissions and services, knowing development won’t be interrupted.

Unlike solutions that provide point-in-time insights, the Cloud Permissions Firewall monitoring is ‘always on’ and automatically updates policies for you. Scale your least privilege solution alongside your growing cloud.

Remove Permissions with Confidence

Ease DevOps Friction

Let’s leave DevOps to build products and freely grant access, because you know your most sensitive permissions are protected from the top-down. Only unused permissions are restricted so nothing DevOps needs is taken.

If a blocked permissions is needed, an automated request is kicked off into integrated ChatOps (Slack, Teams, Email) and it’s all tracked for future audits.

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Sign-up for full product access at no cost. Implementation is quick and non-intrusive. No agents or workloads, just read-only permissions.

Got Questions? We have answers.

Is it really free?
Absolutely. There’s no catch.
What's included in the trial?
You’ll receive full access to the Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall.
What’s a “guided” free trial?
We want to make your experience as simple as possible by guiding you through the setup. After onboarding, our team is available to support you as much or as little as you need.
How long does it take to set up the free trial? How long is the free trial?
Setting up the Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall can be done in about 5 minutes. The free trial lasts for 14 days from the onboarding with our team.
14 days isn’t enough time for me to set this up with my team. What are my options?
The 14-day period doesn’t start until you’ve onboarded your accounts, not when you submit the form. We know larger teams need more time to coordinate. Sign up and we’ll work with you on the start date.
What level of permissions does Cloud Permissions Firewall need for my cloud?
Sonrai’s Cloud Permissions Firewall requires access at the top level of your cloud in a read-only role.
How does Sonrai handle its internal security?
Sonrai is a SOC2- Type-2 compliant organization with rigorous internal security controls, training, and monitoring. We live cloud security every day. Regulatory demands on Sonrai’s security standards are high, which is why many of the top 10 banks in the US and Canada as well as Fortune 100 customers use Sonrai to secure their cloud.
What data do you store? Do you install agents in my cloud?
Sonrai doesn’t possess any of your data or install any agents in your cloud. We gather metadata from the role you provide.

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