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Principal Security Architect

Sonrai Security, a cloud-based security company, is looking for Principal Solutions Architects throughout the US and Canada. You will be responsible for driving the strategy and execution to create awareness, generate demand and pipeline, and increase overall brand recognition for Sonrai and our cloud security platform. We’ll fully support your efforts, as well as giving you the resources you need to be successful. You will be a member of our Sales Team, reporting to our Director of Sales Engineering. 

Candidates who join our team will have a tremendous impact on our success & mission to be the industry leader in our space.  We’re looking for candidates who are self-motivated & passionate about winning.


  • Ability to demonstrate Sonrai’s unique cloud platform to customers on site, remotely via webinar sessions, and at field events such as conferences and trade shows. 
  • Experience responding to functional and technical elements of RFIs/RFPs is also important. 
  • Self-motivated with a consistent track record in technical software sales and knowledge of technology. 
  • Strong ability to collaborate and dynamic presentation skills and ability to communicate clearly to emails and RFPs when submitting reports. 
  • Ability to be organized and analytical, and will be able to eliminate sales obstacles using creative and adaptive approaches. 
  • Comfortable working for a dynamic technical organization with a fast growing customer base. 
  • IMPORTANT: We can teach you the technology, coach you on soft skills and educate you on processes. You should have a strong sense of self-motivation, an insatiable curiosity about what "is possible" with technology, the desire to work with an awesome team and a positive, fun-loving attitude. 


  • 5+ years related experience in selling and supporting software and SaaS offerings to cloud and security organizations. 
  • Knowledge of top cloud providers, security, and cloud security (cloud providers - AWS, Azure, GCP, and traditional security - Firewalls, SIEMs, Endpoints, SOCs)
  • Proficient in public cloud architecture including IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, IAM and permissions models  - This is a must-have!
  • Network Administration/Architecture/Management Knowledge. 
  • Prior experience with CSPM, CIEM, CWPP tools
  • Domain expertise with cloud operations, security, compliance and dev-ops ci/cd processes. 
  • Comfortable approaching total strangers and quickly extracting technical know-how from them. 
  • Should be available to travel to visit prospects and customers in the provided region. 
  • Desire to learn, grow and be a part of our team

To apply for this role, please send a resume to

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