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Cloud Security Researcher

Sonrai Security, a cloud-based security company, is looking for a creative, self-starter to join their team to research and build Security Controls for their new Sonrai Data Identity Security (Dig) Platform.  In this role you will be:

  • Developing Identity, Data and CSPM security controls for the Sonrai Dig Platform
  • Researching and implementing scenarios in public cloud providers to test and validate security controls.
  • Interfacing with Sonrai development squads to embed and extend security controls throughout all aspects of Sonrai Product Development.
  • Interfacing with Product Management, Professional Services, and Sales to close gaps in security control content; identifying use cases and extending the Sonrai Security Knowledge base

Security Control Development

  • Extending Sonrai Security Controls to ensure coverage of standard compliance frameworks across the multiple cloud providers.
  • Collaborating with Product Management and Engineers at every phase of product development.
  • Defining and validating data model requirements for security control for engineering initiatives.
  • Enabling the development team by designing and implementing real world scenarios that can be tested repeatably in development processes.
  • Interfacing with Product Designers to ensure a smooth user experience

Security Control Research

  • Working with the Sonrai Platform to ensure completeness in coverage to support uses cases.
  • Researching services, data and permissions for scenarios across public cloud providers.
  • Researching Compliance Frameworks as they apply to different cloud providers.

Desired Skills

  • A background in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Compute (GCP) and/or Azure cloud providers.
  • An understanding of how permissions, logging, APIs, CLIs and services work in the above Cloud Providers.
  • Knowledge of Compliance Frameworks such as HIPAA, CIS, PCI.
  • An understanding of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • Good writing and communication skills.
  • Previous background in Security.

To apply send a resume to: careers@sonraisecurity.com

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