Start Using The First  Cloud Permissions Firewall
What you can expect:
  • A one-click least privilege solution with automated policy management, zero disruption to development, and a permissions-on-demand model.
  • Full product access for 14 days. Get access within 1 business day. No agents or workloads required. *Now available for AWS
  • Our experts will answer all your questions to make your setup easy along the way — Have questions now? See the FAQs

Got Questions? We have answers.

Is it really free?
Absolutely. There’s no catch.
Can I sign up through AWS Marketplace?
Absolutely; you can do your free trial through the AWS Marketplace if that’s better for your business.
What clouds are supported?
The free trial is available for AWS right now. GCP and Azure will be available later this year. Contact us for more information on signing up for beta access at
Can I sign up without my business email?
At this time, our free trial is not intended for personal use. Because we use the domain to validate and build your tenant, a business email is required to register for the free trial.
What's included in the trial?
You’ll receive full access to the Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall.
How long does it take to set up the free trial? How long is the free trial?
Setting up the Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall can be done in about 5 minutes. The free trial lasts for 14 days from the onboarding with our team.
14 days isn’t enough time for me to set this up with my team. What are my options?
The 14-day period doesn’t start until you’ve onboarded your accounts, not when you submit the form. We know larger teams need more time to coordinate. Sign up and we’ll work with you on the start date.
What level of permissions does Cloud Permissions Firewall need for my cloud?
Sonrai’s Cloud Permissions Firewall requires access at the top level of your cloud in a read-only role.
How does Sonrai handle its internal security?
Sonrai is a SOC2- Type-2 compliant organization with rigorous internal security controls, training, and monitoring. We live cloud security every day. Regulatory demands on Sonrai’s security standards are high, which is why many of the top 10 banks in the US and Canada as well as Fortune 100 customers use Sonrai to secure their cloud.
What data do you store? Do you install agents in my cloud?
Sonrai doesn’t possess any of your data or install any agents in your cloud. We gather metadata from the role you provide.
If this is a firewall, does that mean it’s going to ingest my network traffic?
No. This isn’t a traditional firewall like you’re used to. We’ve taken the concept of a firewall and updated it for the new reality of permissions security in the cloud.

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