Sonrai + Slack

Manage cloud access requests from the convenience of Slack.

The Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall slashes the permissions attack surface by protecting access to sensitive permissions, unused services and cloud regions, and quarantining dormant identities

Manage Cloud Access Requests

After achieving least privilege across your cloud, your teams need a way to handle on-demand access needs. This is where Sonrai’s Permissions-on-Demand automated workflow comes in.

When an identity tries to use a restricted permission or quarantined zombie identity, an automated request is kicked-off and integrated into Slack messages.

Manage Cloud Access Requests
Slack for The Requester

Slack for The Requester

If you’re the person who tried to use a restricted permission or quarantined zombie (or the owner of the machine identity), you will be instantly notified via Slack whether you’d like to initiate an access request. You enter your requested time frame and business justification.

Once your request is addressed, you’re notified — all via Slack.

Slack for the Approver

Your team designates ‘Approvers’ for various parts of the cloud. If an identity you’re responsible for initiates a Permissions-on-Demand workflow, you will be instantly notified of the request via Slack.

From there, you evaluate the requested time frame and justification and either approve or deny the request right there in your Slack messages.

Slack for the Approver

Got Questions? We have answers.

Is it free?
The Sonrai for Slack integration is entirely free.
Who can use this integration?
Any customers with the Cloud Permissions Firewall can use this integration. SecOps, Cloud Operations, and Development Teams are frequent users.
How can I start using it?
You can start using Sonrai for Slack immediately after installing the integration.
What is your privacy policy?
You can read our full privacy policy available here.

Install Sonrai for Slack

Start securing your cloud access from the convenience of Slack.

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