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Sonrai Security delivers an enterprise identity and data security platform for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes. The Sonrai Dig platform is built on a sophisticated graph that identifies and monitors every possible relationship between identities and data that exists inside an organization’s public cloud. Dig’s Governance Automation Engine automates workflow, remediation, and prevention capabilities across cloud and security teams to ensure end-to-end security.

Identity and data access complexity are exploding in your public cloud. Tens of thousands of pieces of compute, thousands of roles, and a dizzying array of interdependencies and inheritances. First-generation security tools miss this as evidenced by so many breaches. Sonrai Dig, our enterprise identity, and data governance platform, de-risks your cloud by finding these holes, helping you fix them, and preventing those problems from occurring in the first place.

The company has offices in New York City and New Brunswick, Canada and is backed by Polaris Partners and TenEleven Ventures.


Anonymous Reporting Hotline

Sonrai Security is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct. An Anonymous Reporting Hotline has been established for individuals (e.g., internal employees, customers, and partners) to anonymously report potential misconduct or other concerns. Sonrai encourages individuals to resolve issues with appropriate Sonrai employees, however, this resource is available when all other channels are deemed inappropriate.