Integration with IBM QRadar Provides Complete End-to-End Visibility

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Sonrai Security announces our new integration with IBM® QRadar® to help organizations access improved security findings from their application workloads and resources in public cloud environments, providing quicker resolution of potential cloud exposure.

With the continued evolution of the Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) space, and as application workloads and critical data migrate to the cloud, the support for security orchestration and automation across human and non-person identities is of increasing importance. This integration allows Sonrai Security to deliver security, configuration, identity and data relationship issues and findings to IBM QRadar, bringing visibility of the cloud environment into QRadar. With a centralized view of security concerns across multi-cloud deployments, organizations can not only answer, who, what, and when an identity has accessed their data and resources but also how and from where. 

Many organizations rely on IBM Security QRadar, an intelligent SIEM, to provide actionable threat intelligence to help better identify and prioritize which incidents need to be addressed. Sonrai Security helps organizations using QRadar centralize identity and data security risk concerns, via comprehensive alerts from Sonrai Security that indicate risk in their public cloud environment. Information to who and what has access and automation are the keys to protecting crown jewel data. Sonrai Security’s integration with IBM QRadar allows our joint customers to capitalize further on their current investments, so they can have a clear and automated plan for remediation in a multi-cloud environment, all in one easy-to-read dashboard.

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Leverage Sonrai Security and QRadar Strengths

CISOs not only want to enable their teams to detect and respond to events faster, but they also want to simplify workflows and streamline operations at the same time. We’ve been seeing a trend toward vendor consolidation and integration, which tells us enterprise teams are looking for ways to make their solutions simpler. Vendors typically work in silos to solve these kinds of challenges. At Sonrai Security, we believe we can achieve more through collaboration and integrations. Organizations can leverage Sonrai Security and QRadar’s strengths across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (GCP) and more.

Right Size Your Events

False alerts are the bane of security professionals as they often end up spending a lot of time, effort and resources chasing down a staggering amount of them. This results in not only fatigue on the security and operations teams but also can increase costs. Sophisticated organizations will learn to tune the tooling over time so that the software understands what are usual events and thereby lower the number of false alerts to attempt to mitigate this but remains an area of continuous improvement.

Speed Time to Remediation 

Operations teams often don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with the proliferation of privileges, roles, resources and services across multiple cloud platforms, making it difficult to identify, remediate and manage the risks. Regardless of where our customers are on the cloud maturity continuum, they can leverage Sonrai Security to quickly visualize and truly understand their public cloud identity and data security risk posture. This allows them to take immediate action to protect their cloud resources as they occur as well as make the appropriate business decisions for the long term security of their organization.

Access Policy Change Risks

Continually monitoring for configuration drift against an approved baseline can help identify where possible changes in policy are required to align with the ever-changing business or simply act to identify where remediation actions are needed to bring things back in line. Strong audit capabilities detail and expose changes to cloud resource and data access configurations. 

Gain Comprehensive, Centralized Visibility

Responding to an event is not just about gathering the information. Organizations need to understand how the business responds to the risk — is this something that needs public release of information, who has accessed this data, when has this data been accessed, any nefarious activity, and so on. Organizations rely on QRadar to provide actionable threat intelligence to help better identify and prioritize which incidents need to be addressed and Sonrai Security to gain comprehensive visibility into enterprise data across their public cloud environments.

About Our Integration

The integration with IBM QRadar enhances Sonrai Security’s identity and data-centric risk analytics to enrich discovered public cloud trust relationships across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Our release of this new integration illustrates Sonrai Security’s continued momentum in expanding innovation across the public cloud.  As a cloud security leader focused on identity, data and access, this feature is a step forward in enabling organizations to address unexpected and excessive identity and resource access risks in their cloud environment.

About IBM QRadar

IBM Security QRadar is an intelligent SIEM that gives enterprise security professionals both insight into, and a track record of, the activities within their IT environment. IBM Security QRadar is an intelligent SIEM that is well-positioned to deliver on the promise of open and interoperable cybersecurity. A commitment to innovation, customers and analysts who work in the solution every day helped place IBM as a leader for the 11th consecutive time in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant. 

About Sonrai Security

Sonrai Security delivers an enterprise security platform focused on identity and data protection inside public clouds. We show you all the ways data has been accessed and can be accessed in the future. Our platform delivers a complete risk model of all these identity and data relationships, including activity and movement across cloud accounts, cloud providers, and 3rd party data stores. 

We help organizations understand and monitor IAM configurations, helping to eliminate weak or accidental configurations that if left unchecked, will inevitably lead to a disaster. Core to the platform is the collection and analysis of a broad range of API and log data, that now includes findings from the IAM Access Analyzer, that quickly finds potential risk to critical data stored in a public cloud.

Learn how IBM QRadar and Sonrai Security work together.