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New Brunswick’s ‘hungry’ identity and data security firm Sonrai launches new solution

Author: Sonrai Security Marketing | Date: July 30, 2020
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From Alex Coop at "Identity access is the largest source of vulnerabilities in the cloud, given the tens of thousands of identities and access levels assigned to people, pieces of compute, serverless functions, and the various access to data that they have, according to Sonrai Security co-founder Brendan Hannigan.

Understanding how to use platforms like AWS and Azure effectively, and securely, is a massive undertaking, Hannigan explained.

“Amazon has been developing a platform that has amazing flexibility and power. And when you get into an enterprise environment, the onus is on the enterprise to use these tools properly,” he told the publication.

Sonrai’s new solution, the Governance Automation Engine, which launched July 28, helps enterprises address pain points, including security breaches caused by identity policy misconfiguration and data risks going beyond S3 buckets. Other databases include Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, CosmosDB and many others."

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