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AWS Security Checklist 2021

Stay up to date with the latest priorities for security, risk, and compliance in AWS.

As the market leader, AWS is constantly innovating, creating more powerful and complex ways to set up your cloud infrastructure. Innovation breeds value, but it also requires vigilant updating of your security priorities. That's why we made the AWS Security Checklist for 2021.

Download this guide and you'll see:

  • An updated ranking of most common security and access risks associated with AWS
  • Tips on securing identities and data from both ends
  • Compliance implications and best practices for alignment to standards


Need more help securing identity & data? See how we work with AWS here.

Complimentary Checklist: 2021 AWS Security

AWS Security checklist

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Identity Security

Eliminate All Identity Risks. Get To Least Privilege and Stay There

Sonrai Dig Identity Access Path for Identity Security in the public cloud
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Data Security

Discover, Classify, Lock Down, and Monitor “Crown Jewel” Data

Sonrai Dig Critical Resource Monitor for Data Governance in the Public Cloud
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Build Cross-Cloud Platform Security with Intelligent CSPM

Sonrai CSPM Security Center
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Governance Automation

Governance Automation Engine Helps Companies Shift Left and Integrate Teams

Governance Automation
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